As a class we will be creating a timeline for Distance Learning and the formation of the Internet. Each of you will add your own entries to this established timeline.

Each entry should include the following:
  • date (month, day, year if possible)
  • event that occurred
  • a sentence explaining the event (details like the organization or name of person who created the invention, location, and other details)
  • your name (first name and last initial of your entry)
  • date you posted your entry

Suggestions of entry items you can put in the timeline below: radio, tv, web conferencing, video conferencing, webcasting, podcasting, instant messaging, online classes, distance learning classes, Internet 2, beginning of the internet, when phones were invented, when cell phones were invented, formation of the Internet dates, etc.

1800s - correspondence classes begins
1892 - phonograph recordings of classes
1960s - audio - 2 way interactive classes
1980s - video classes begin
1990s - satellite classes