Media Coverage: (Cade)
Mount Everest Death Toll at Four with One Missing
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Mount Everest Deadly Traffic Jam

First Person: Survivor of 1000 foot fall

Audio Files: (Cade)

Videos: (Blake)
View #1
Climbing up to summit
Helicopter view from Everest

Pictures of Camps: (Blake)
Picture of a camp
One of the camps toward the bottom
The base camp

Simulation to watch (Avery)

  1. Simulation of Everest
  2. Everest description simulation using Google earth
3.Everest challenger leadership simulation

Official sites for the topic (Avery)

1.Everest News
2. Everest beyond the limit
3. Mount Everest summiters club

Wicky space about mnt. Everest (Madison)

web page from Nepal india or china (madison)

Landon Furne first thing
  1. Elevation 29035 ft.
  2. Country Nepal
  3. Summit reached 1953 (59 years ago)

Landon Furne
  1. They said it gets 3g services.
  2. They said when your on it your on top of the world.
  3. They said 22 h ago that the campaign is succefully done.