Paying the Fiddler's Bill

When students ask about how is this book relevant to me and what is happening right now? We can definitely show a pattern of history by comparing these time periods. The students and I did a little research to create this table. We used the book Johnny Tremain, the American History book, the current news web sites, and other Internet sources to compile this comparison. Now I ask, do you see a pattern? How long does it take for history to repeat itself? How long with this "economic slump" or "depression" (or whatever you want to call it) going to last? The students began to draw their own conclusions...

The Fiddler's Bill
The Great Depression
The American Bailout

Dec 1773-1781
Oct 1929- Dec 1941
Sept 2008 - ????
What Happened
The Boston Tea Party
The Stock Market Crash
Banking System Failure
The Banking Failure
Stock Market Crash
Who is paying for the problem at first
The Town of Boston
All Whigs and Tories
The Banks (40% of banks failed in a couple of days)
Largest Banks in America claimed backruptcy
What happened to the "masses"
starving because the trade ships were not allowed to dock with supplies and food
every person was effected because they could not get to money. In just days they were out of jobs and therefore could not pay rent - became homeless, etc.
families can't get loans, retirement funds have dropped out the bottom, small businesses are suffering
Don't know who to blame because the "indians" were not identified
It was hazy as to who to blame, Coolidge, Harding, the republicans who didn't want regulations, greed of the people who were buying and selling with only 10% down. They thought prosperity would last forever
I is hazy as to who to blame, Bush, the FDIC, the Treasury, Bankers, SCC director. They thought the prosperity would last forever, and they spent beyond their means with no collateral or money in down payments.
What will the goverment do?
The ended up going into the Revolutionary War to separate from English rule and taxation
The New Deal was put into plac and it worked in the first 100 days. Later they went into World War II which really ended the Depression because factories had to start hiring people.
They are trying to do a taxpayer funded bailout. But it might not lead to war since we are already engaged in a war. It might actually cause us to pull out of a war.
Strong Leader to get out of the mess
Sam Adams, Paul Revere, etc.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)
What is the tragedy of it all?
East India Tea Company was an innocent victim
The suicide rate rose drastically (many bankers and others jumped to their deaths from office buildings, and in many other ways)
$1.2 Trillion was lost through the stockmarket and retirement funds in one day effecting everyone.