I am Legend

Author: Richard Matheson
Reading Level: N/A
Number of Pages:317
Genre: Science Fiction
Book Members: Charlie, Wyatt, Matt

January 17th
First 20 Pages
1. What did he hang on the door and windows? (Garlic)
2. What is trying to kill him? (Vampires)
3. Who is the head zombie? (Ben Cortman)
4. Why do they always come at the same time? ( They can only come out at night)
5. Who is the main character? (Robert Neville)

1.Let 'em fall, he thought. It was the last damned mirror he'd put there; it wasn't worth it.
2. Garlic always worked.
3. No matter how many stakes he made, they were gone in no time.
4. "Come out, Neville!"
5. He wished he'd had time to soundproof the house. It wouldn't be so bad if weren't that he had to listen to them.

He tells you of his routine, and of his situation. He tells of how he uses garlic to ward of the "vampires".

January 18th
Pages 20-40

1. Why does Ben Cortman always yell "Come out, Neville!"? (Because Cortman was once his friend)

"The fire is always burning." (page 25)
"The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in him." (page 28)
"Why not go out? It was a sure way to be free of them." (page 29)
"I'll kill every mother's son before I'll give in!" (page 30)
"Even so, he shuddered at the strangled sound of horror she made when he threw on the sidewalk outside. (page 39)

Robert takes this chapter and takes us through his daily routine. He goes and takes care of the two dead vampire and throws them in the fire. Fills the car with gas. He goes and gets some supplies and groceries. Then he makes wooden stakes that he uses to kill the vampires with. Then he goes into random houses and start killing the vampires in that house, because they are weak during the day. Then he comes home and drinks until he is really drunk, then he goes through his usually thinking routine about what he will do tomorrow and then thinks about the girl vampires that are trying to inspire him to come outside with their looks. Then he falls asleep. The next day he does something unusual and visits the grave sight of his wife. Then he goes out to a house and drag a vampire out to the sunlight and sees what happens. While this all happen he watches his watch to make sure he gets back before the vampires come but realizes that his clock is broke so he has no time what it is and the sun is going down so he speeds home and that the end of the chapter.

January 19th
Pages 40-60

Why did he come home late? (His watch had stopped)
Who came running out of the garage? (Ben Cortman)
What did he grab out of his dresser drawers? (two pistols)
What had he never gotten used to? (dust storms)
How did he keep the dust off of Kathy? (He built a tent over her.)

1. His body jerked back as Cortman came lunging out of the dark shadows of the garage. Pg. 44
2. Racing through the dark living room, he knocked up the bar across the door and sent it clattering to the floor. Outside, they howled as they heard him opening the door. I'm coming out, you bastards! His mind screamed out. Pg. 46
3. He was sure there there was no places left where he could get more frozen foods now that electricity gone from the city. Pg. 50
4. Between the storms and the mosquitoes and everyone being sick, life is rapidly becoming a pain. Pg. 54
5. Maybe the insects are... What's the word? Mutating. Pg. 56


January 20th
Pages 60-80

1. How does Robert know Ben Cortman? (They would car pool to the same job and were pretty good friends)
2. Who does Ben Cortman remind him of? (Oliver Hardy)
3. How is he suppose to get rid of his wife, because of the infection and how does he? (He is suppose to throw her into this pit of fire, but he went buried her in this empty lot.
4.When Robert was going to bury his wife, what did the man ask for him to do? (He asked Robert to take his mother to the fire pit.)
5. What happens two days after he buried his wife? ( His wife comes to the door at the night as a vampire and he knocks her over with the door and likely kills her)


He starts to experiment to find answers of why his defenses work. He tests to see what in the garlic drives them away. He also tests onions, but they are ineffective. He also tries to figure out why some of them sleep in the soil. He also tries to figure out why the stakes kill them. He then goes back and remembers the time that his wife died and he buried her. Two days later at 2 o'clock in the morning he found her standing on the front porch.
January 21th
Pages 80-100

"He never knew a flea looked so godawful." (page 85)
"And there fluttering delicately on the slide, was a germ." (page 86)
"I dub thee vampiris." (page 86)
"The scientists had been right, then; there were bacteria involved." (page 86)
"There was a dog roving about the lawn." (page 93)

Robert spends most of this time thinking about what was causing the people to turn into vampires. He finds different things that may cause it but their is always one or two things that don't fit right. At the end of the chapter he sees a dog and spend most of the time trying to catch it buy using meat and milk.

January 24th
Pages 100-120

1.He had such a terrible yearning to love something again, and the dog was such a beautifully ugly dog. Pg. 104
2. Something broke in Robert's throat. He sat there silently while tears ran slowly down his cheeks. Pg. 110
3. In a week the dog was dead. Pg. 110
4." Do you want to fear the holy cross of God? Do you want to look into the mirror and not see the face that Almighty God has given you? Do you wan to come crawling back from the grave like a monster out of hell?" Pg. 112
5. Strangely, life was becoming almost bearable. Pg. 117

He tries to befriend the dog by putting out food, water, and milk for it. The dog comes on a regular basis, but one day it doesn't come. He stresses and loses sleep over it. Finally the dog comes back, but it has been attacked and injured. He one day reaches out and grabs the dog and takes him inside. It dies a week later.

January 25th

Pages 120-140
1. What was he doing when he saw something moving in the field? (Hunting for Ben Cortman)
2. What was that he saw in the field moving? (He saw a girl.)
3. Why did she try to run away? (She was frighten it might be a vampire, because she was still frighten by her husbands death that happened a week ago)
4. What was Robert afraid about with the girl? ( He was afraid that she had the virus or disease the vampires had.)
5. How was Ruth going to prove she wasn't infected? ( They were going to take blood samples to prove to Robert that she wasn't infected.)

"A woman. Alive. In the daylight!" (page 121)
"Neville stood there gasping, looking down at her cringing form." (page 124)
"The acrid fumes assailed his nostrils." (page 129)
"She stood up suddenly and stumbled toward the door." (page 132)
"Why should she lie? he asked himself." (page 137)


January 26th
Pages 140-160

1. It gave him a strange, restless feeling to hear a woman speak his name after so long. Don't call me that, he almost said to her. Pg. 142
2. Almost three years ago I did that. And I still remember it, it's still with me. Pg. 150
3. Now that the strength of his reserve had gone, there was nothing left to brace himself on, and he was shaking like a palsied man. Pg. 152
4. The wooden mallet crashed down on his forehead. The mallet came down again and he cried out in pain. He clutched out at her legs and she drove the mallet down a third time, this time on the back of his skull. Pg. 153
5. When we were together in the darkness, close to each other, I wasn't spying on you. I was loving you. Pg. 155


Robert tells Ruth what he knows about the vampires and the defenses he uses against them. He tells her that the cross doesn't always work because a jew or buddist doesn't have a reason to fear the cross, but when he held a torah to a jew he looked away. He tells her why bullets don't affect them, and tells her about the bacillus, and how it spreads. He tests her blood for the bacteria and finds that she is positive. She then beats him unconscious with a wood mallet. When he wakes he finds a letter explaining that there is an organization that is going to kill him.

January 27th
Pages 160-180

They milled and stirred in the gray light of morning, the sound of their talking like the buzzing of a million insect. Pg. 169
Abruptly that realization joined with what he saw on their faces-awe, fear, shrinking horror-and he knew that they were afraid of him. Pg. 169
I am legend. Pg.170 (Last page in the book)
The steak knives were gone. Pg. 177
It felt as though he was bleeding inside. Pg. 178

Why didn't Neville fight? (He was gonna let them do what they had to do without useless violence.)
Why did he only use one pistol? (He dropped the other.)
How many men came in the room? (2)
Did he shoot one of the guys? (yes)
What was his final thought? (I an legend.)


January 28th
Pages 180-200
Why does the man go into to the Mortician office? (His wife died.)
What was the man's answer when the mortician asked, "When did she die?" (As soon as I get home.)
Why is the girl's mother so sad that her daughter isn't coming? (They always do that and you can tell the mother is lonely without her.)
What present does the girl get her boyfriend for his birthday? (A spiritual doll that is named He Who Kills)
What happens after the necklace falls off the dolls head? (The doll comes to life and tries to kill the girl, Amelia.)


Amelia buys a wooden spiritual doll for her boyfriend. It was said that if the gold chain ever came off of it the hunters spirit would be released. She sets the doll down on the edge of the table and it falls off. The chain comes off of it and it come to life. It chases her around the house. It cuts her with a knife. She finally gets it trapped in the oven and burns it. When she opens the oven door the spirit of the doll enters her body.

January 31th
Pages 200-220

1. "His face is torn off with one blow of thick claws." pg 201
2. "Have a jab, Bab." pg 204
3. "You'll like the loopy's dance, it's sen-saysh!" pg 207
4. "Peggy heard the thump and creaking strain of wood as the loopy's hip collided with the rail." pg 216
5. "L.U.P.-Lifeless undead phenomenon" pg 219

These short story is called "Dance of the Dead." It is about these group of college kids go on a double date. They go to this bar where they have the loopy dance. The loopy dance is a spray that was invented during WWWIII. This spray makes the dead come back to life for a little while. They spray it on a dead person and it makes them walk and move weird. Well the main character in this story is one of the girl that is on the double date and doesn't want to be their. She ends up being so scared of the loopy dance that she passes out. She wakes up when they are in the car a few miles out of town. Then they just go home.

February 1st
Pages 220-240
Dress of white silk
1. What is the little girl's friend's name?(Mary Jane)
2. What did Mary Jane say about the dress?(That smells like garbage)
Mad House
3. Why does the man become enraged with the pencil?(the lead keeps breaking)
4. What does the man do when he can't cut his steak?(he hurls the knife across the room)
5. What did he cut his thumb on?(a broken saucer)

1.Granma locked me in my room and won't let me out. (Pg.221)
2. Your momma was pretty granma says.(Pg.223)
3. Who cares if she locks me in a million billion years? She doesn't have to even give me supper. I'm not hungry anyway. (Pg. 225)
4. He yells at the pencil, curses it with a stream of outrage. He breaks it in two with a brutal snap and flings it into the wastebasket with a triumphant, "There! See how you like it in there!" (Pg.226)
5. The carriage jumps, the bell tinkles. He shoves the carriage over and it crashes to a halt. (Pg.227)

February 2nd

Pages 240-260

1. What is the college professor struggling with? (He is having troubles dealing with his anger.)
2. What has his anger drove his wife to do? (His anger forced his wife to leave him.)
3. How does he feel about his wife leaving him? (He is actually happy and hoping that he can get more work done.)
4. Why does he throw the girl out of his class? (She asked if he had their paper graded. I know it makes no since but he was very angry.)
5. What does he discover when he comes home? (He discovers his wife at home. And he wants for him to beg for her to stay, but he doesn't and tells her to leave.)

He kicks a girl out of his class because she asks if their papers are graded. The Dean comes and fires him. When he gets home his wife is there there and he tells her to leave. Later it seems to him that all the objects in house are attacking him but he is actually committing suicide.

February 3rd
Pages 260-280

"When Morton Silkline reached the hall he saw his customer flapping out the hall window." pg 264
"The Count bicarbonated to a hissing steam of white which flew at Jenny---who flung up her arms and vanished, cat and all, in an orange spume as the the air grew thick with squeaks and rib-winged flapping."pg 268
"Name of the deceased?" he asks business like." pg 269
"Father hurry please I don't know what to do with him!" pg 270
"Snakes seemed to be write beneath the sen-darkened skin." pg 272

A guy walks into a funeral home and he want to set up a proper service and burial. The funeral home manger asked who for and the other guys says for me. To find out the guy that comes into the funeral home is a vampire. Then they go and have the service. It just kind of a very weird story in all. Then we go to another weird story called From Shadowed Places. A guy was in a Africa on a hunting trip and this guy possessed with some demon. With this possession he wanted to kill himself, so the guys girlfriend called her dad and he came over to help her. Well the girlfriend ends up calling a girl she that is experienced with this. Then on page 280 she ends up on coming over.

February 4th
Pages 280-300
From Shadowed Places
How dose Lurice know what Peter is going through?(she has also been hexed)
What was the formidable complication that Lurice had to tell Patricia about?(she would have to perform the ceramony half naked)
What did Lurice do to save Peter?(she took the hex apon herself)
Person to Person
What wakes the man up at three o'clock every morning?(a phone ringing in his head)
What does the man think causes the ringing?(a micro phone implanted in his brain by the government)

1. Jennings, turning from the sofa, caught his breath. (Pg. 281)
2. Suddenly conscious of his blatant observation, Jennings turned his eyes towards Pat. Her expression, as she stared at Dr. Howell, was unmistakable now. (Pg. 281)
3. In a moment, the room was filled with drumbeats, with a chanting of voices and a slow uneven clapping of hands. (Pg. 287)
4. Lurice began to dance. Onher arms and shoulders moved at first, their restless sinuating timed to the cadence of the drumbeats. (Pg. 287)
5. The ringing telephone stirred Millman from his sleep. He listened to the dial tone for a few seconds before grimacing irritably and reaching out to thump the handset back on its cradle.

Febrary 7th
Pages 300-317
1. What would wake Millman up? (A sound of a telephone ringing)
2. What does Millman do that he thinks will help? (He is goes to a doctor a few times every week.)
3. What does the doctor suggest he does that actually works? (He tells him to imagine that he is answering the telephone.)
4. What does he think he is part of at the beginning? (He think he is of a special secret security program the government had.)
5. Who is it really talking to him on the phone? (His dead father is talking him from the after life and telling him that he is being a girl.)

The man thinks he is being contacted by his dead father, then by an inventor, then by the devil, but he finds out in the end that it's his sub-conscious, and it takes over his body.