Si-Fi, Horror book
Author Richard Matheson




Michael- Questions- 1.Whats the Main Characters Family name?
2. What does he hang up on the windows to keep vampires away?
3. what is the name of the vampire that calls out Neville's name?
4. When they attack his house what does Neville say he is going to do?
5. Since he had a lot of extra space in his room what did Neville convert half his room into?
6. What is he doing in the first 30 pages of the book.

Ian- Quotes
But are his needs more shocking than the needs of other animals and men?

Sometimes he wished he'd had time to soundproof the house. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to listen to them.

After violent attacks, the planks were partially split or pried off and he had to replace them completely; a job he hated.

It had made the house a gloomy sepulcher, but it was better than having rocks come flying through his rooms in a shower of broken glass.

Then he stood in the dark kitchen, eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched, hands clamped over his ears. Leave me alone, leave me alone, leave me alone!

Dillon-Summary-We enter the book in a unknown city. He is talking about how cloudy it was and how he had to stay home on cloudy days because he didn't know when the vampires would come. Later on he describes his normal night with the vampires trying to get in, and a list of chores he needed to do. In the morning he went around town getting some supplies he needed. in the end he talks about how he hates the whole situation and why they came to his house every night.

Wednesday, 19

Ian- summery- In pages 30-60, Neville went out to do some daily chores and ended up in some serious trouble when his watch stopped and he was caught outside after dark. He then went a little bit crazy and tried several futile ways to kill the zombies. He put his life in danger and nearly died more than once. Then we saw a flashback into Neville's past where he gave us some incite into where the disease came from and why Neville is the way he is. It was probably the most interesting part of the book so far.

Dillon- Questions 1. Where did he drive to?
2. What did he find there?
3. What did he find out about vampires?
4. What did he do to test a new theory about vampires?
5. What happens that almost gets Neville killed?
6. What does he find when he gets home?
7. What was his flashback about?

Michael- Quotes- He made himself a drink, a long one.

Reading-drinking-soundproof the house-the women.

Then he sat down beside Virginia's casket and rested his forehead against the metal side

He jerked up the watch and held it against his ear, his heart suddenly jumping. The watch had stopped.

They were waiting for him.

Thursday, 20

Dillon- Quotes-Morality, after all, had fallen with society. He was his own ethic.

What would a Mohammedan vampire do if faced with a cross?

My God, it was hilarious!

He couldn't even scream. He just stood rooted to the spot,staring dumbly at Virginia.

"Rob...ert" she said.

Ian-Questions- Why does Neville have trouble getting the image of the dissentegrated woman out of his mind?

Why does he spend so much time around Victoria's grave?

Why is Robert experimenting with new ways to kill the Zombies when the stakes have worked fairly well?

Why did Robert tie up the woman and put her in his living room?

Who does Ben Cortman remind Robert of?

Michael-summery-Robert Neville took Ben Cortman's car. He later tried to find out about the disease and then he found a microscope broke it got a book on microscopes and figured out that it was the sandstorms that made everybody sick. Now he is trying to find out how to cure the disease.

Friday, 21

Ian- Quotes- He drove home at eighty miles an hour and he couldn't help a groan of disappointment when he saw that the meat and drink were untouched.

The eagerness he'd felt upon seeing the germ in his microscope was nothing compared with what he felt about the dog.

Well, what the hell do you expect? he asked himself sarcastically. The dog can't eat every hour on the hour.

Patience, he told himself. Get yourself at least one virtue anyway.

In a week the dog was dead.

Dillon- Summary- A dog, Neville had stumbled across a dog. Well the dog stumbled across Neville, but he didn't care. He had found a posable companion. He spent weeks trying to get the dog to trust him. Day after day of puting dog food out for him. Getting closer and closer to the dog every day. Then one day the dog did not come. He got sick, and was going to die. Neville was able to get a hold of the dog and bring it inside. But the dog died in five days anyway. He then decided to go Cortman hunting.

Michael- Questions

Monday, 24

Dillon- Question- 1. How dose Neville feel about Cortman?

2. Who dose he see when he is hunting for Cortman?

3. What dose he do when he sees the other person?

4. What dose the other person so when she sees Neville?

5. How dose Neville get her into his house?

Ian- Summary- In pages 120-150, Robert finds another person. He spends the first ten or fifteen pages trying to earn her trust and keep her from fleeing him. Once he gets her to calm down and stay at his house, he realizes that he needs to make sure that she is not infected. He has several discussions with her about the germ and the characteristics of the zombies. When he finally tests her blood something terrible happens...

Tusesday, 25

1. "Throwing ping-pong balls" the tall man answered.

2. "funny" said the fat man.

3. "It felt as though he was bleeding inside"

4. "She always had the best. I saw to it"

5. "She's so beautiful," the small man said. "So young."

Ian- Questions- Why Neville, why?

Why did Neville take the cowards way out?

Why Neville, Why?

What made the fat man at the carnival game so mad?

Why Neville, Why?

Why did Neville shoot the Vampire "mafia"?

Why Neville, Why?

What was the game that the tall man was playing?

Why Neville, Why?

Why didn't Neville take Ruth's advise and flee?

Seriously, why Neville? WHY?

Wednesday, 26
Dillon-Summary-Why i like and don't like PRAY

I thought the story was kinda cool because the doll came to life after the gold chain fell off. How she was confused at first and then how she killed it was also cool. But i hated the ending because after she killed it she became possessed by the dolls spirit. Then she called her mother to ask her to come over and talk. Then she hid in the corner waiting for her mother to show up so she can kill her. HATED IT!


"When did she die?" the mortician asked. page 181

He was halfway to his car when he replied, a faint smile on his lips, "As soon as I get home." page 181

This is he who kills, it began. He is a deadly hunter. page 182

Then she sat down, cross-legged, in the corner. He Who Kills sat, cross-legged, in the corner, in the darkness, waiting for his prey to come. Page 195

A lovely little redhead, hands drawn under her chin in tight bloodless fists. Her lips tremble, a throb of delight expands her chest. Her white throat contracts, she gulps in a breath of air. Her nose wrinkles with dreadful joy. She imagines, imagines.... Page 201

Ance (anse), n., slang for anticivilian germs; usage evolved during WW III. Page 207

Thursday, 27

Ian- Summary- Dance of the dead came to an end and again it was fairly abstract and dissapointing. I don't know how else it could have ended but I wanted more backstory and a bit more of a satisfactory ending. A Dress Of Silk was written in an interesting fashion, there were a lot of missing punctuations and misspelled words but that was because it was written from the viewpoint of the young girl. The beginning of Mad House is weird and I don't really like it so far.

Dillon-Questions-1. After what war dose the story dance of the dead take place?

2. What condition is the US government in?

3. What did Peggy saying asking in her head?

4. What was the name of Peggy's drink?

5. What did the loppy do?

Michael- Quotes

Friday, 28


"indeed sir" he commented "indeed"

"Aaaah... toad's teeth!"

"Do you understand?"

"Good evening" greeted the tall man.

"I trust" the man said pleasantly, "everything is well prepared"

Monday, 31

Dillon-Summary-In the story "From Shadowed Places" A man is hexed by a african witch doctor. What seems to happen is he starts to try to kill himself. It's fairly interesting so far. They call a bunch of doctors and they cant help him. But each time he seems to get closer and closer to killing himself.

Tuseday, 1

Dillon- Questions

1. What dose not make sense?

2. Who is an inventor?

3. What was in his head?

4. Who is controlling it?

5. How did Millman stop it?

Ian- Summary

Well the last part of the book was weird, It kind of made me not like the original story because of the dissapointment that came from the short stories. The last one was good, as well as the Mad House one, but most of the other stories did not add up to their potential.