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(Kristin Cashore)Reading level: 5.3Number of pages: 471Genre: Fiction, Romance, AdventurePeople in our book club: Leah, Hannah, and Alex
January 16th, 2011Chapter 1 - 3, pages 1 - 33
Summary:In the first three chapters it showed a woman at war with herself about her gift and curse. We think this will be a very exciting book and we're excited for Katsa and the other guy, who they never told the name of, to get together.
Quotes:"To have beautiful eyes. Does it lighten the burden of your Grace, to know you have beautiful eyes?" pg. 22
She couldn't be worried for long when she was moving. pg. 26
After a while Katsa forgot about defiance. It became to difficult to imagine. pg. 30
Everyone was willing to take some small risk to lessen the damage of their ambition and disorder and lawlessness. pg. 32
She wouldn't relinquish the small amount of control she'd taken over her life. pg. 33
Questions:What color are her eyes?
What is her grace?
Does she like being a graceling, why?
How did they find out about her gift?
Why does she help out people that are less fortunate than her?

January 17th, 2011Chapters 4 - 6, pages 34 - 57.
Summary:Katsa's on a mission for her uncle and she has to punish people, and it's kind of boring, but she met up with the guy whose name is Po, or Prince something or other. He is very attractive.
Quotes: The girl paused. Then she leaned and held her hand out to Katsa. Something welled up inside Katsa, something she couldn't quite name. A sort of sad gladness at this little creature who wanted to toouch her. Katsa reached her hand out and took the child's thin fingers. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lanie." Lanie's eyes grew wide, and then she dropped Katsa's hand and ran to the kitchen. Oll and Giddon laughed. Katsa turned to Giddon. "I'm very grateful." "You do nothing to dispel your ogreish reputation," Giddon said. "You know that, Katsa. It's no wonder you haven't more friends." How like him. It was just like him, to turn a kind gesture into one of his criticisms of her character. He loved nothing more than to point out her flaws. And he knew nothing of her, if he thought she desired friends. pg. 47
"I didn't mean to startle you," Katsa said. "I'm only looking for a space to practice my exercises."
The boy climbed from his stool and fled. Katsa threw her hands into the air. Well, at least she had the stable to herself now. She moved bales of hay, saddles, and rakes to clear a place across from the stalls and began a series of kicks and strikes. She twisted and flipped, conscious of the air, the floor, the walls around her, the horses. She focused on her imaginary opponents, and he mind calmed. pg. 47
"What does the king think of your hair?"
Raffin smirked. "He's not speaking to me. He says it's appalling behavior for the son of the king. Until my hair is normal again I'm not his son." pg. 53
His eyes. Katsa had never seen such eyes. One was silver, and the other, gold. They glowed in his sun-darkened face, uneven, and strange. She was surprised they hadn't shone in the darkness of their first meeting. They didn't seem human. She couldn't stop looking at them. pg. 56
Questions:How many acres did Oll try to steal?
What happened to the Gracelings that had a useful grace?
Who do they think stole the grand treasure of the court?
What did Katsa do to the man that tried to steal the extra acres?
How could you tell someone was a Graceling?

January 18th, 2011Chapter 7, pages 58-71
Summary:Katsa had just come home from rescuing Prince Tealiff (this was Po's grandfather) and Prince Greenling (Po) was there. There was a banquet that wasn't really important, but it showed Katsa's personality and how she would run away from people, or that she is a loner.
"Then you are dangerous, My lady, to people you don't like. But perhaps you'd be safe as a friend." Pg. 59

"It's the color of blood," Katsa said. Pg. 63

"If there's anyone I wish to stun at dinner, I'll hit him in the face." Pg. 63

"Act as if we were only talking. Don't whisper, for it draws attention." Pg. 67

"It's nothing. Please, sit down." She waved her hands around the table. "Please." Pg. 69

Why wasn't Helda afraid of Katsa like everyone else was?

Why didn't Katsa ever keep servants?

What does Katsa no like about having to go to her uncle's dinners?

Why was Lord Devit eating dinner with them?

What disconcerted Katsa about the Leinid prince?

January 19th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapters 8, 9 , 10, and 11, pages 58 - 11.

Summary for chapters 8 and 9:

Quotes for chapters 8 and 9:
"You're unbeatable, Lady Katsa." Pg. 75

"I see you close you shirt for state dinners," she heard herself saying, though she didn't know where such a senseless comment came from. Pg. 77

"I didn't know you were so interested in my shirt, Lady." Pg. 80

"Katsa," he said into the dirt. "I beg you to trust me, as I've trusted you." Pg. 80

"If I'd been trying to kill him, he'd be dead," Katsa said and Po laughed again. "He wouldn't be laughing," she added, "if it were that bad." Pg. 87

Questions for chapter 8 and 9:
Why did Katsa and Po get in a fight?

Why is Po there?

What is different about Po's grace than Katsas?

Who won the fight between Katsa and Po?

Was Giddon happy that those two had fought?

Summary for chapters 10 and 11:
Po wants to stay until his grandfather gets to feeling better, so Katsa agrees that they come up with the excuse that Po is training with her, so he can stay. Po tells Katsa about Giddon being in love with her and she freaks out about it. They have a meeting trying to figure out who kidnapped Prince Tealiff.

Quotes for chapter 10 and 11:
He was so much stronger than she, and for the first time in her life, she found her lesser strength to be a disadvantage. Pg. 96

And in truth, she had taken more care of his face since then. Pg. 98

When they sat together talking, sometimes the silver and gold of Po's eyes caught her off guard. She could not become used to his eyes; they muddled her. But she met them when he looked at her, and she forced herself to breathe and talk and not become overwhelmed. They were eyes, they were only his eyes, and she wasn't a coward. Pg. 98

"Katsa, don't you know Giddon's in love with you." Pg. 107

"I wouldn't marry Giddon to save my life, " Katsa said. "Not even to save yours."

Questions for chapter 10 and 11:

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Po :)

January 20th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapter 12 and 13, pages 116 - 143

In these two chapters Katsa gets in a fight with Po because he won't fight with her if she's angry and Randa had made her angry, not only that but Giddon proposed to her and Katsa found out that Po isn't a graceling fighter, but his grace is mind-reading! She has rebelled against Randa because she won't hurt a person and I believe this is a very big turning point in the book.

The fire burst into her throat and choked her. Pg. 121

A tear trickled from his eye, over his fingers, and onto the floor. Pg. 121

"Marry me," he said, "and our marriage will protect you." Pg. 139

She stared at Giddon, disbelieving, defenseless against the realization that trickled into her mind and clicked into place. She put her hand to her throat. She couldn't catch her breath. She asked the question she felt she had to ask, and cringed against the answer she knew she would receive. Pg. 142

She had thought him a fighter, just a fighter. And in her foolishness, she had thought him perceptive. Had even admired him for his perceptiveness. She, admire a mind reader. Pg. 143

What frustrated Katsa while she as fighting with Po?

What was the reason Po wouldn't fight Katsa?

What was Katsa afraid of?

Why wouldn't Katsa punish Ellis?

What did Giddon ask Katsa?

January 21st, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapter 14, pages 144 - 164

Katsa finds out that Po is a "mind reader," but he is actually only to sense people and if they think thoughts about him, only then does he know what they are thinking. He tells her that she cannot tell anyone about his Grace, because no one else knows about it but his parents, Raffin, and her.

"I'm not a mind reader," he said. "I sense people." Pg. 144

This was what it felt like to be betrayed by a friend. No. By a traitor pretending to be a friend. Such a wonderful friend he'd seemed, so sympathetic, so understanding-and no wonder, if he'd always known her thoughts, always known her feelings. The perfect pretense of friendship. Pg. 145

She looked at him then, but his image blurred behind tears that swelled into her eyes. She must leave. She must leave this room, because she wanted to hit him, as she had sworn she never would do. She wanted to cause him pain for taking a place in her heart that she wouldn't have given him if she'd know the truth.
"You lied to me," she said.
She turned and ran from the room. Pg. 146

Helda took her damp eyes, and her silence, in stride. Pg. 147

"He's leaving tomorrow, Kat."
She stared at him. "What do you mean, he's leaving?"
"He's leaving the court," Raffin said, "for good. He's going to Sunder, and then Monsea, possibly. He hasn't worked out the details."


January 24th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapter 15 and 16, pages 165 - 183.

Katsa defies the king Randa and leaves his court with Po to figure out why someone would want to kidnap his grandfather. She left Raffin and that made her very sad, and Po still confuses her a bunch, and so does his power. I think it makes her feel weak, like she never has before since she kind of has an omnipotent power. In this chapter it just shows the two liking each other more. :/


Why did Randa call Katsa to come see him?

What was one thing that Randa was not good at?

What did Randa do wrong when it came to assembling battlions?

What did Katsa decide to do? Why?

What did Raffin remind Katsa of?

January 25th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapters 17, pages 184-201

Po and Katsa are still on their way to Murgon City. They made camp some distance from the road that they were on and Katsa killed a rabbit to eat and they sat at the fire and cooked their meat and talked. They got up in the morning and hit the road again.

And then, with all her might, she focused her attention on the back of Po's head and screamed his name, inside her mind. Pg.187

She glanced up at him, and in that moment he pulled his wet shirt over his head. She forced her mind blank. Pg. 191-192

"It's meant for the eyes of the wife I'm supposed to have." Pg. 193

"It's a small purple flower. A woman who eats its leaves will not bear a child." Pg. 197

It was like his eyes. Unless they were fighting, Po's body had the same effect on her as his eyes. Pg. 200


January 26th, 2011
Chapters 18 - 20, page 202 - 243

Holy cow!!!!!!!! These three chapters were exhilarating, first they found out that Leck was responsible for Tealiff and that he may be a graceling. They also learned about their feelings for each other, it was crazy, but amazingly good!

He shook his head again. "I know. But I'm sure of what I sensed. I tell you, Katsa, when the man said that Leck was not responsible for the kidnapping, he was lying. But when he said, a moment later, 'Leck is blameless,' he meant it. He believed himself to be telling the truth." Po gazed up at the dark ceiling. "are we supposed to conclude that Leck kednapped my grandfather, but for some innocent reason? It simply cannot be." Pg.217

Katsa didn't know heat was wrong with her when she woke the next morning. She cound't explain the fury she felt toward him. there was no explanation; and perhaps he know that, becasue he asked for none. Pg. 227

She clenched her fists and turned, forced herself to walk away. off the road, into the trees, past the trees, and then she was running through the forest, startling birds into flight. she ran past streams an patches of fern, and hill covered with moss. she shot into a clearing with a waterfall that over rocks and plummeted into a pool. Pg.

His eyes were beautiful. His face was beautiful to her in every way, and his shoulders and hands. And his arms that hung over his knees, and his chest that was not moving, becase he held his breath as he watched her. And the heart in his chest. This friend. How had she not seen this before? How had she not seen him? She was blind. And then tears choked her eyes, for she had not asked for this. She had not asked for this beautiful man before her, with something hopeful in his eyes that she did not want. Pg. 229

"I know you don't want this, Katsa. But I can't help myself. The moment you came barreling into my life i was lost. I'm afraid to tell you what I wish for, for fear you'll... oh, I don't know, throw me into the fire. Or more likely, refuse me. Or worst of all, despise me," he said, his voice breaking and his eyes dropping from her face. His face dropping to his hands. "I love you," he said. "You're mo dear to my heart than I ever knew anyone could be. And I've made you cry; and there I'll stop."

What did they learn about Leck?

Why did Katsa run away from Po?

How many days were they away from Monsea?

Where did King Leck come from and who is he?

ARE KATSA AND PO IN LOVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

January 27th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapters 21 - 22, page 244 - 266

Po and Katsa are together now happy and heading towards Monsea and Leck's city. Basically they've just gone over game plans and talked about what they think will happen, but the main thing is that Katsa had to promise Po that she will do what he says when the time comes. Also, Katsa and Po have been messing around with Po's mind reading abilities, and Katsa thinks that her graceling isn't fighting, but survival.


Why didn't Po tell his brothers about his Grace?

What did Po's mother fear above all?

What does Katsa think Queen Ashen is trying to do protect her daughter (Bitterblue) against?

What pact do Po and Katsa make before they go into Monsea?

What did Po bring back for Katsa when they were camping?

January 28th, 2011 (read ahead)
Chapter 23 and 24, pages 267 - 286

Katsa and Po move through the woods and when they come to Leck's city, they see the king and his men on horses and a woman running from them. The king shoots the woman in the back with a bow and she falls dead. They find out that the woman that he shoots is his wife (Ashen). The king sees that they have saw what he has done and they run through the forest and try to ditch him. Leck wants Katsa alive and he wants Po dead because he can see the truth about him. Leck is Graced. Even if the words he speaks are a lie, he makes the person he is saying the words to believe them.

And behind her an army of men on galloping horses, led by one man with streaming robes and an eyepatch, and a raised bow, and a notched arrow that flew from the bow and struck the woman square in the back. The woman jerked and stumbled. She fell on her face in the snow. Pg. 268

Po stopped cold. he ran back to Katsa, yelling, "Shoot him! Shoot him!" but she had already swung the bow from her back and reached for an arrow. She pulled the string and took aim. And then the horses stopped. The man with the eyepatch screamed out, and Katsa froze. Pg. 269

But wasn't it Leck's arrow that had struck Ashen? Katsa couldn't quite recall; and when she tried to watch that moment again in her mind, a fog and falling snow blocked her sight. Pg. 272

She carried Bitterblue's knife back to her and found the girl standing, arms crossed against the cold, eyes alert now, lucid. Katsa glanced down at her bloody clothing. She found herself hoping the child hadn't witnessed the massacre of men. Pg. 286

"You'll have to kill the king," she said, "if you ever want him to stop chasing us."
Katsa looked at this child, who barely came up to her chest. Po's sleeves hanging almost to the girl's knees; her eyes and her nose big under her hood, too big for her little face. Her voice a squeak. But a clmness in her manner of speaking, a certainty as she recommended her father's murder. Pg. 286


February 3rd, 2011 (Back on schedule, missed a lot of days, not ahead anymore)
Chapter 25 and 26, pages 387 - 306


You mustn't go near his castle, she thought to Po as they rode. You'd never be able to get close enough to him. You're far too conspicuous. They would ambush you. Pg. 287

You'd be best to sneak up on him in the forest while he's searching for the child, and shoot him. From as far away as possible. Pg. 288

"He has a Grace," she said. "My mother told me so. She told me he can manipulate people's minds with his words, so that they believe whatever he says. Even if htey hear it from someone else's mouth; even if it's a rumor he started that's spread for beyond him. his power weakens as it spreads, bit it does not disappear." She stared unhappily at the knife in her hands. "She told me he's the wrong king of man to have been born with a Grace like this. He makes toys of small and weak people. He like to cause pain." Pg. 293

"He told my mother we wanted to start spending time with me alone," Bitterblue said. "He said it was time he got to know his daughter better. He was so angry when she refused. He hit her. He tried to use his Grace on me, tried to get me to go to his cages with him, but whenever I saw the bruises on my mother's face I remembered the truth. It cleared my mind, just barely- enough that I knew to refuse." Pg. 294

Po. I need you to know if the king is alive. I am not going to stop bothering you until you tell me if the king is alive. Pg. 305

What did Bitterblue help them do?

What is Leck's guards made up of?

Why did Bitterblue run away from King Leck?

What did Po give Katsa before he left to go try and kill Leck?

Did Po kill the king?

February 4th, 2011
Chapter 27 and 28, pages 307 - 328

Katsa, Po, and Bitterblue are all riding to escape the king, but Po isn't feeling very well (because of injuries and such), so they have to leave him behind. Katsa is very upset with that, but they both say they'll meet each other again, I hope so. Basically Katsa and Bitterblue take care of Po during these chapters.


What was Katsa afraid will happen to Po?

What was Po forced to listen to for hours?

What does Po tell Katsa she needs to do?

Why does Po want her to leave him behind?

Why doesn't Katsa want to leave him behind?

February 7th, 2011
Chapter 29 - 31, pages 329 - 371

Katsa has decided to take Bitterblue through the mountains to Sunder. While they were camping in the mountains, Katsa went and hunted for something to eat and she killed a lion, but the lion almost killed her in the process. They made coats out of the hides of the animals that they caught. Finally, they made it through the mountains and they made it into Sunder and stayed at an inn where it was warm.

"There's no safety for us in Monsea. We're going to cross the mountains into Sunder." Pg. 332

The mountain lion was a gift, really, coming as it did at the beginning of the first true snowstorm they encountered. Pg. 340

"You've made it across Grella's Pass," she said to Bitterblue, "all in one piece. You're a strong girl."
Bitterblue wrapped her arms around Katsa. She kissed Katsa's cheek and held on to her tightly. If Katsa had had enough energy for astonishment, she would have been astonished. Instead, she hugged the girl back numbly. Pg. 357

Katsa released her breath. "Hold your light to my face, storekeeper."
The man grunted. He extended his arm through the crack in the door and held the candle to Katsa's face. His eyes narrowed, then widened, and his entire manner changed. pg. 366

"We come from Monsea," Katsa said. "We crossed the mountains through Grella's Pass."
This was met with silence, and a widening of eyes. Katsa sighed.
"If that's hard for you to believe," she said, "you'll find the rest of our story no less than incredible. Truly, I'm unsure where to start."
"Start with Leck's Grace," Bitterblue said around her mouthful of bread.
"Very well," Katsa said. We'll start with Leck's Grace." pg. 368


February 8th, 2011
Chapter 32, pages 372 - 391
Pg- 373


"Let's go," Katsa said. "We must find a ship tonight, or we spend tomorrow hiding under the noses of thousands of people." Pg- 373

"Prince Po would never give that ring to a Sunderian urchin," Jem Gasped. Pg- 385

"Not on in a thousand Lienid gives that ring away," the captain said. "Most wear it to their graves in the sea. But occasionally- if a woman is dying and wants a sister to take her place as the mother of her children, or if a dying shopkeeper wants his shop to go to a friend, or if a prince is dying and wants to change the line of succession- a Lienid will make a gift of that ring." The captain turned to glare at Katsa. "The Lienid love their princes, most especially the youngest prince, the Graceling prince. To steal Prince Po's ring would be considered a terrible crime." Pg- 388

Katsa saw then what it meant; and her hand went to her throat. It was just like him. And now she was fighting back tears because it was just the sort of mad thing he would get into his mind to do- mad and foolish, far too kind, and unnecessary, because he wasn't going to die. "Why in the Middluns didn't he tell me?" Pg- 389

"You're right, I wouldn't have taken it. Can you see me taking such a thing from Po? Can you see me agreeing to such a thing? And he's right to have given it, because he is going to doe, because I'm going to kill him when next I see him, for doing such a thing and frightening me and not telling me what it meant." Pg-389

Did Katsa see the sea?

Are Katsa and Bitterblue disguised as girls or boys?

Are Katsa and Bitterblue going to get a ride on the ship?

Is the captain a girl and graced, or a boy and a good fighter?

What is the captain's grace?

February 9th, 2011
Chapters 33 - 35, pages 392 - 426

Katsa has Po's ring and I guess that is significant in Lienid talk. Also, they are headed on their way to where Po lives and Katsa is teaching Bitterblue how to fight. Eventually Katsa and Bitterblue reach Lienid and it is just as beautiful as Po described it. Because Po gave Katsa his ring she now owns his castle, and so Katsa went to the castle to find out her properties... and there is Leck, waiting for her with Po's entire family. He is about to take Bitterblue away and reveal Po's secret about his grace when Katsa realizes that it would hurt Po and she couldn't let that happen. She kills Leck by trying to silence him with a knife and killing him through the throat. Everything is hectic, but eventually it works itself out and Katsa, Bitterblue, and an ensemble of people head to Po and Monsea.


What did Katsa wish the captain would do for her after she has left Bitterblue and her at Lienid?

What did Katsa teach Bitterblue?

Why does Leck enjoy hurting people?

Instead of Po being at his castle, who was there?

What was Leck going to share with everyone about Po before Katsa killed him?

February 10th, 2011
Chapters 36 - 37, pages 427 - 446

Summary: Po's family, Katsa and Bitterblue decide to go back to Monsea and find Po. They take Leck's body back to Monsea also. Po's brother Skye went with them on the journey to find Po. When they found him, he was well, but Katsa found out that he was blind.

A kingdom deeply under a spell; a kingdom that believed its king to be virtuous and its princess to be ill, weak, possibly even mad. The child queen could not be sent off trippingly to Monsea to announce that she was now in charge, and denounce the dead king an entire kingdom adored. Pg.426

Control. This was Katsa's wound: Leck had taken away her control. It had nothing to do with self-condemnation; she couldn't blame herself for what had happened. How could it not have happened? Leck had been too strong. She could respect a strong opponent, as she'd respected the wildcat and the mountain. But no amount of humility or respect made it any less horrifying to have lost control. Pg. 438

"I'm going to name my firstborn child after you."
Kats laughed at that. "For the child's sake, wait for a girl. Or even better, wait until all your children are older and give my name to whichever is the most troublesome and obstinate." Pg. 433 - 434

"Still doing your best to ruin the horses, I see."
Katsa froze. The voice came from above rather than behind, and it didn't quite sound like Skye. She turned.
"I thought it was supposed to be impossible to sneak up on you. Eyes of a hawk and ears of a wolf and all that," he said-and there, he was there, standing straight, eyes glimmering, mouth twitching, and the path he'd plowed through the snow stretching behind him. Katsa cried out and ran, tackling Po so hard that he fell back into the snow and she on top of him. And he laughed, and held her tight, and she was crying; and then Bitterblue came and threw herself squealing on top of them; and Sky came and helped them all up. 435 - 436

She whispered. "Po. Are you blind?" pg. 445


February 11th, 2011
Chapters 38- 39, pages 447 - 471

"Clarity," he said. "My thoughts cleared. There was no light in the cave; there was nothing to see. And yet I sensed the cave with my Grace, so vividly. And I realized what I was doing. Sitting in the cabin, feeling sorry for myself, when Leck was out there somewhere and people were in danger. In the cave it struck me how despicable that was."

"I've no right to feel sorry for myself," he said to her one day, when they'd gone out into a quiet snowfall to fetch water. "I see everything. I see things I shouldn't see. I'm wollowing in self-pitty, when I've lost nothing."

"You've lost something," she said, "and you've every right to feel sorrow for what you've lost. They're not the same, sight and your Grace. Your Grace shows you the form of things, but it doesn't show you beauty. You've lost beauty."

She was getting used to the new way Po had of considering her, now that he couldn't see her. He didn't look at her, of course. She supposed she would never again be caught in his eyes. It was something she tried not to think about. It made her stupidly, foolishly sad.

"Look at me," he said to her once, on one of the rare occasions hen they had the cabin to themselves. "Katsa, do I seem to be looking at you?

Did Po want to go back to his castle?

Did Katsa stay with him?

Why did he want Katsa to leave?

Is Bitterblue going back as a queen, and how do you think she will reign?

Do you think that the book had any hidden meanings, or comparisons that could relate to real life?

Was it a good book?

Is there another book? Of course. (: