This is what a child will look like with leukemia

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie
Jordan Sonnenblick
Reading Level-6.2
Number of pages-273
People in group-Stone, Ryan, Mayra

January 17
"And of course because I'm me, I'm spacing out."
"...can the [English] journal be longer than a page?"
"How would you like to be King of the Planet for eight glorious years, and then suddenly get demoted to Vice-King?"
"The kid follows me around like I'm Elvis or something."
"He may not PLAY the drums, he may not pretend the cymbals are shields and he is a knight, he may not hide IN the bass drum, and pretty much and any Jeffrey-to-drumstick contact is a massive no-no"

January 18
1. "Another few minutes of that weird "we're ignoring a topic" silence brought up to my school"
2. "I realized I hadn't brushed my teeth Perfect"
3. "I quickly popped in a Tic Tac (orange, which I'm not even sure held your breath anyway)"
4. " Here comes Steven, bursting into his Big Solo. Watch those hands-they're too quick to follow. Holy Cow , this kid is a magician!"
5. "Oh, I don't know, Mr. W. I was really hoping to play cowbell on it. Or...maybe...I don't know...the triangle (joking) ?"

January 19
1 "I'm skipping an assignment here and there while the rest of my family is ON VACATION!
2."I bet Jeffy's down there in Philly, guzzling cheese-steaks, having a great time getting waited on hand and foot by Mom, while I"m up here eating all the Hungry Man dinners on the Eating Coasts and dad is pretending I'm some off thirteen-year stander who's just moved in to keep the microwave warm while his real family is away"
3. "She was wearing this shirt that was clingy and shiny and many a little see-though, with a skirt that just wasn't quite doing its whole job."
4. "It was weird. The longer I pretended everything was normal at school the more I believed everything was normal."
5. "Before I could even think of stopping him, he ran to the foyer and looked in our hallway mirror."

January 20
1. "Oooohhh, Pez, you dropped a stick – right in the middle of a song! And it went tumbling across the room at about 90 miles an hour! And it smashed into the bell of some senior's trumpet! And who knew brass was so flimsy, anyway?"
2. "By the way, the sound of a high school jazz band falling apart in mid-tune, while one of the trumpet players is screaming at the drummer at the top of his lungs and the piano player is in the throes of a mad laughing fit, is just not something you want to hear."
3. "If you're like me, you wake up on a nice Saturday morning in the autumn, and you want to smell the crisp fall air, sit halfway up, stretch, and the go back to sleep until about noon."
4. "Ha-ha. Those silly doctors. Can you be-LIEVE they mistook a nosebleed for leukemia? It's just so ridiculous!"
5. "Jeffy, it's OK. I'm not mad at you for throwing up on my shoes. Can you do me a favor next time, though?... Please aim for my dress shoes. I hate 'em!"

January 24 (for Ryan - late)
1. "The doctor's voice softened then and he almost whispered to Jeffrey, 'I'm sorry, buddy. The EMLA takes an hour to work, and we can't wait."
2. "Ok, I wasn't feeling too proud at the moment. I took a candy heart, and the long walk began."
3. "When we walked in, all of my major-subject teachers were sitting around a huge conference table drinking coffee, laughing, grading papers."
4. "Steven, my name is Mrs. Galley. I called you down today because some of your teachers are concerned about you."
5. "So how was your weekend, Annette? Did you practice a lot? Are you going to be read for Julliard?"

January 25
1. "Boy, if you ever want to shut up a room full of grown-ups, evidently 'My brother has cancer' is the secret command code."
2. "You might notice what a smooth talker I was. I'd lived around the corner from this girl since wer were, like, embryos, but that was the best response I could come up with. Amazing."
3. "Then she did this little lip-biting thing she always does, which always makes me think about kissing her for some reason."
4. "I seriously think I could have sat in the middle of the kitchen floor rubbing two sticks together over a pile of dynamite blocks and gasoline cans, and my parents would have been oblivious."
5. "A typical weeknight when [Jeffery] was home went like this:
  1. Sit down and try to do homework
  2. Get interrupted by Jeffrey: 'Please play with me!'
  3. Ignore brother, try to do homework.
  4. Get interrupted by Jeffrey: 'Come ON, Steven! I'm BORED!'
  5. Beg Jeffrey for five minutes of peace.
  6. Get begged for five minutes of play: 'Steven, you never, ever play with me – ever!'
  7. Move entire homework operations center to different room.
  8. Repeat steps #1-7 as directed by small, drugged maniac."

January 26
1. "I'll give you a hint: She wears very tight shirts, and you drool over her like a deranges monkey boy" Pg 144
2."Right in front of me, at the kitchen table, my dad was slumped over a pile of papers with his head cradled in his hands. And he was crying." Pg 147
3. "As it was, I figured I'd be attending the University of "Would You Like Fries with That?" Pg 149
4. "Oh well, I figured, at least I'll be the life of the under-bridge party crow then."
5. "RENEE ALBERT WAS COMING TO MY HOUSE! Even I couldn't think, What's the point of Renee Albert coming to my house? with a straight face. I just said, Wow, thank, Renee! While every other guy in the class looked at me like I had a big target painted of my forehead." Pg 153

January 27
1. "OK, a quick status report, as of the end of January:
  1. My family was plunging into poverty.
  2. My brother had no immune system.
  3. My mom had no job.
  4. My dad was working about ninety hours a week and appeared to be on the verge of flipping out completely.
  5. The hottest girl in the eighth grade came to my house to tutor me, and I booted her off of my property.
  6. I was definitely going to fail my math final."
2. "Word got around that Steven Alper was the guy who kicked Renee Albert to the curb, and people just decided I must be the MAN."
3. "It felt pretty nice to know that my last four months of being a practice-pad maniac had made a noticeable difference."
4. "She game me the killer Renee Albert smile and took the piece of gum from my instantly sweaty palm."
5. "Just then, the bus pulled up to our stop. I reached back and across the aisle to get my backpack, and Annette held it out to me, glaring like I had been chatting with Renee about Annette's mother or something."

January 28
1. "I can't wave a wand and make Jeffrey better. I can't call my Swiss banker and have him wire-transfer a couple million dollars to my parents' account. I can't even make my family FEEl better about anything. All I do is sulk, cry, and yell at my parents"
2. "Sending away your math tutor-that took real courage. You have no idea, Mrs. G."
3. "I thanked her and took a candy heart (OK, a few) for the road."
4. "Then, two things happened in quick successions.I figured out how to save money, and Annette fell down a flight of stairs"
5. "Just like Mrs. Galley said: Why don't you try working on the thinks you CAN change?"

January 31 (for Ryan)
"I'm trying to drive in traffic we're late, I got about three hours of sleep, I haven't shaved, I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm sitting in a PUDDLE OF BOILING-HOT COFFEE!"
"Steven, it looks like Matt Medic is out of action. You have a new mission."
"Keep me brave. Please? Just keep me brave."
"Surprise! I'm running away to become a Buddhist monk. You like the do?"
"I did this for Jeffrey, Mom. So he woudln't have to be bald alone."

February 2
1. "I want to leave you with one thing to think about: Instead of agonizing about the things you can't change, why don't you try working on the think you can change?"
2. "Steven, guess what? Today is your concert! Yeah buddy, I know. What's going on? Are you all right? Was your blood work OK?
3. "Sign. So long, my girls. Hello, my boy."
4. "Yay, Steven! THAT'S MY BROTHER!" every time I hit a drum"
5. "I bounced around the house, trying not to wake Jeffrey who had dozed off in the living-room couch"

January 17
1. How does Jeffery say oatmeal? Moatmeal
2. How did Jeffrey get a bloody nose? He fell of the bar stool
3. How does Steven's dad react to Jeffrey being sick? He is quite (quiet)
4. What does Steven put in his mouth during school? Tic-Tacs
5. Does Steven really care about Jefferey? Not before he gets a nose bleed

January 18
1. Who's locker is right next to Steven's? - Renee's
2. What does Steven do if he is nervous about something? - Think about it all day
3. What color were Steven's Tic Tac's? - orange
4. What does Annette call Renee? - the PRINCESS
5. What does O.P. stand for? - opportunity period

January 19
1. Who wasn't in the mood for optimism? Mom
2. What did Steven muttered to himself? Guess what, Mom? I'm going to be the star of my spring concert.
3. What did Jeffery say that he looked like? Like a raccoon
4. What did Steven say that he actually look like? Some deranged anteater
5. What were Steven's role to his friends at school? Funny guy and drum guy

January 20 (for Ryan)
1. What did Steven's mom do to him when he got back? hugged him
2. What did Jeffrey get Steven? Orange tic-tacs
3. What did Steven let Jeffrey do? play his drums
4. What did Jeffrey do after Steven gave him a tic-tack? vomited on Steven's shoes and sweat pants
5. What did Steven do when Jeffrey was sleeping? cried in his mom's arms

January 21
1. What kind of promises do you think would pop into your head?
2. Steven's escape was drumming, what would your escape be?
3. Did SOMETHING happen between Steven and Annette?
4. How would you feel if what happened at the dance happened to you?

January 24
1. What was Jeffery gagging down ever morning and night? Syringes of bitter liquid
2. How many years did Jeffery have to be to be caner-free? 5-years
3. Did Steven kiss anybody at the dance? No
4. Who did Steven bring to Jeffery to the hospital? Matt Medic
5. What did Steven take from Mrs. Galley? Candy Heart

January 25 (for Ryan)
1. What did the teachers call the packs they gave Steven? (fun packs)
2. When was he supposed to turn everything in by? (Christmas Break)
3. Why did Steven go stay with his grandparents? (he got the flu)
4. What did Steven do after he got done writing his journal? (he read aloud)
5. What was Steven getting from people? (phone calls)

January 26
1. How would you feel if you got banished to your grandparent's house?
2. How would you feel if you saw your father crying?
3. What would you do if you saw your father crying?
4. How did it make you feel when Steven started having his "What's the Point" thoughts?
5. What is a "Holy Cow"?

January 27 (for Ryan)
1. What did Jeffrey say to Steven? So you're not going to kiss her?
2. Why was Steven having trouble sleeping? he was having nightmares.
3. Who was going to tutor Steven in math? Renee
4. Why did Annette glare at Steven on the bus? Because he was talking to Renee
5. Why didn't Steven let Renee into his house? she was coughing and sneezing.

January 28
1. Have you ever fell asleep during school?
2. Would you feel comfortable talking to our guidance councelor?
3. Could you have given up lessons in something you loved to do?
4. How would you feel if your best friend broke their arm?
5. Do you think you would have been able to shave your entire head?

January 31
1. What did Steven do for Jeffery? He shaved his hair off
2. What did Jeffery said that he was? A babe magnet
3. What does the All-City have to do? Service hours
4. What did they think about doing? Doing a concert a benefit for Steven's family
5. Did Steven's parents like the idea at the begging? No

February 1 (For Ryan)
1. What did Steven give to Sam? It is favorite practice drum sticks
2. Why did Steven go with his dad to Philly? Because his mom got sick
3. What did Steven tell his parents about? He told them about the band concert and how it will raise money
4. Who did Steven let into his house? Renee
5. What was everybody talking to Steven about when he got back to school? the concert and how many tickets they bought.

February 2
1. "I want to leave you with one thing to think about: Instead of agonizing about the things you can't change, why don't you try working on the think you can change?"
2. "Steven, guess what? Today is your concert! Yeah buddy, I know. What's going on? Are you all right? Was your blood work OK?
3. "Sign. So long, my girls. Hello, my boy."
4. "Yay, Steven! THAT'S MY BROTHER!" every time I hit a drum"
5. "I bounced around the house, trying not to wake Jeffrey who had dozed off in the living-room couch"

January 17
There this boy named Steven that plays the drums in high school. They were in English class and their teacher told them to write in their journal about that most annoying thing in the world, his little brother Jeffery. But that all changed when one morning Steven woke up early and went to go play the drums, but his little brother Jeffery woke up and wanted some moatmeal (oatmeal). They went to the kitchen she sat him down on a bar stool and he fell off and got a real bad bloody nose and his mom took him to the hospital.

January 18
Steven plays drums in the high school band. One morning his brother Jeffery asked hm to make him some oatmeal. Steven sat Jeffery on a stool next to the counter so Jeffery could watch, and Jeffery fell off the stool, hit his face on the counter, and got a bloody nose. Then their mom took Jeffery to the E.R. and their dad took Steven to school. At school, his English teacher asked Steven to share his journal entry with the class but he said no, it was private.

January 19
Steven's mom came back from the hospital and told everyone that she will be taking Jeffery to the hospital in Philadelphia to begin getting chemotherapy for his cancer. When Jeffery walks in the door, the first thing he does is tell Steven all of the things that happened to him at the hospital. Their mom also explains to them that she will not be going to work for a while, and that him and his father will be bachin' it for a while.

January 20
One of the drummers was gone, so that meant that he was going to be able to play longer. There he was playing the drums really good, and he realized that Renee walked in to visit her boyfriend but he was gone. The next morning Jeffery and his mom returned from Philadelphia. When they finally pulled into the driveway Steven realized that Jeffery was sleeping, and he was really nervous because he never slept on car rides. His mom got out that car and left Jeffery in the car, when she came in he asked if this was all a big mistake, and his mom told him that this was not a joke. Steven was unhappy with his mother when she didn't call. His mom was not happy when she heard that.

January 21 (for Ryan - late)
Right now in the book Steven was acting like it wasn't effecting him. When Steven got home from school one day he saw a bunch of cars at his house and then he found out that the news of his brother's sickness they would give cards, flowers, and food. Then they would starting making bets on whether or not that person would frown or smile. Then Steven was getting ready for a dance and then his mom a found a shirt that was eggplant color and he wore and then he went to the dance. He started talking to Annette. When he was about to dance his mom had the DJ stop the music an say that his mom was there. When they got outside his mom told him that they needed him to go to the ER then doctors started working and asking questions and then Steven's brother asked the doc if the could use EMLA so that he couldn't feel the needle going into his skin.

January 24
Mom has just taken Jeffy to the hospital again, and they find out that they are going back to Philadelphia to do more surgery. Dad takes Steven home, and the next morning he practices his drums for a long time. Dad asks Steven if he could help him get some clothes and toys for Jeffy. The next day, when Steven went to school, he got called to the counselor’s office because he had started failing and some of his teachers were concerned.

January 25
They were having a meeting about Steven and the teacher wanted to know why his grades are going down. They asked him questions but he did not want to tell them. Until he came out with it and told them that his has cancer. He was worried that him parents will find out about his grades. So he asked the teacher if he can make-up all the work and they said yes. The teachers will not call him parents if he finished all his homework. So he left to office and was kind of mad and trying to figure out who told her about him and he thought that it was Annette so he went to go and talk to her, he yelled at her for telling them. Annette did not know what was happing so she was confused. After all Annette was not the one who told, it was Renee who told. He was kind of mad but happy that he knew that he existed. Couple of days later Steven started to get sick so he had to go stay at his grandparents house for a week and could not attend school, so that was more catch up homework to do.

January 26 (for Ryan)
Steven went back to this house. When he got there, he was alone. He was thinking that there was going to be cheerleaders, bands, and a banner that says welcome back. He was sad that there was none. When he was eating then his parents got home laughing at a joke and then Jeffrey looked at his mom ad he shook her head yeas and then he jumped up on to Steven's lap.
When Steven got back to school he had missed a bunch of new things in math. Then the teacher asked for someone to be STeven's tutor. Steven's tutor was Renee. While Annette was tutoring him in everything else.
Then his mom said that Jeffrey was going to be able to get germs easier. When Renee came over to tutor Steven she coughed and sneezed and then he told her to leave.

January 27
Steven needed help to catch up in math class. Renee was going to tutor him so when she came to the house Steven met her at the doorsteps. And when he saw her she was coughing and Steven told her that she could not come in. Renee was shocked at first and was kind of mad about it so she left. Steven told himself why would anybody turn Renee down. When he went to school all the boys were surprised when they heard the news about him and Renee. When it came to finals he passed all of them but math he got an thirty-seven. And they were going to have to call his parents about it, Steven did not want his parents about it, but it was to late because the report cards had already gone out. When he got home he had to call his mom and he never did because he was scared about the math grade, so he never did. Until his dad got home and Steven got kind of in trouble because his mom was worried about him. When his mom got home to next day Steven thought that he would get in more trouble from his mom, but instead all she said "Steven, I love you. But never, ever do this again.

January 28 (for Ryan)
Steven went to the counselor's office to talk to her about what's going on in the family. Then Steven told her about the nightmare he was having every night. Then he was in band practicing and he was doing really and the way he knew he was doing so well was that his band teacher was smiling and Annette gave him a nod. So when Jeffrey went back to school, he met a new kid and asked him to be friends and then the new kid said that Jeffrey was bald and then the next minute Jeffrey cried and didn't talk to anyone until it was ten o'clock and Steven went into Jeffrey's room because he heard Jeffrey sobbing. Steven decided to shave his head and then his mom came in and he told her that he was becoming a monk and then she said to tell her the truth and Steven told her that he did if for Jeffrey.

February 1
So Jeffery, Dad, and Steven went to the hospital there mom had to say home because she was sick and could not be around Jeffery. Steven was telling us how all the kids were there, some of the kids were younger than him, some were older. They kept on walking to his room and when they got there they were getting Jeffery laid down. And a specialist named Andi walked in, and talked to Steven and told him everything that Jeffery has talked about him a lot. Jeffery and Steven were playing in the room and suddenly Steven heard this noise and freaked out. Jeffery was all cool with it because he has heard it before, and it was just a code and that meant that someone's heart stopped. Jeffery fell asleep and Steven went in to the laundry room so he can play the drums, and he heard someone knocking on the door. And it turned out to be the girl that he noticed in the room when they walked in the hospital named Samantha.

February 2 (for Ryan)
Steven's mom and brother went to his school and called him to the office. His mom said that he should spend time with his family. When the concert was half way over his brother got sick. Then his parents took Jeffrey to the doctor's and he went with. Then the doctors said Jeffrey had to go to Philly and Jeffrey asked Steven to go with him. When Jeffrey was sleeping, Steven went down to Sam's room, found it empty. He asked the nurse what happened. He found out she died.