:: The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night- Time ::
Author :: Mark Haddon
Reading Level :: 5.4
Number of Pages :: 221
Genre :: Fiction
Group :: Eamon & Mariah

January 18th
Pages: 1-20

The book is very good and interesting.
It’s different that Christopher can’t explain how he is feeling, but he can draw faces to show his feelings.
The chapters are so strange because he likes prime numbers. The way he describes how you figure out if a number is prime or not is cool.
Also, how he draws things for a better explanation for other people is intriguing.
It’s sad that the cop arrested him even though he kept saying he didn’t kill the dog.

Quote Collector:
“I do not like people shouting at me. It makes me scared they are going to hit me or touch me and I do not know what is going to happen.”
“His face was drawn but the curtains were real.”
“I did not like him touching me. And this is when I hit him.”
“I put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes and rolled forward till I was hunched up with my forehead pressed onto the grass.”
“I do like mystery novels.”

Discussion Question Share:
What died?
How did it die?
What the boy do to the police officer?
Why are the chapter written the way they are?
What the red thing in the boys pocket?
Why does he stay up so late and walk down the street?

Summary Share- Before/After:
This book is very interesting. When I first started reading it I had no clue what it was going to be like, but once I got to that 20th page I understood pretty well. The setting of this story takes place in two spots. First Mrs. Spears yard where he found her dog and at the police station until his father showed up. The characters so far are Christopher, his father, Mrs. Spears, and two policemen. What I get out of this as the main idea is that he knows he didn’t kill her dog. He had the dog in his hands because he loves dogs. I don’t think it’s right that the cop arrested him; he is a fifteen- year- old with autism. You would think the policeman would figure that out, but I guess not. Also, he cannot explain how he is feeling to someone so she shows them a picture of what it looks like.

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- He likes dogs so he goes over to Mrs. Spears dog who is outside only to find it with a pitch fork in it.
Middle- Mrs. Spears calls the cops on Christopher and he has been asked many times if he is the one who killed the dog, but he knows he didn’t and has to try to convince the police.
End- He looks for the Milky Way on the way home, but cannot see it. His father tells him to stay out of trouble and Christopher knows that, but he didn’t know he would get in that much trouble.

January 19th

Pages: 21-40

Who knew someone could care so much for another person’s dog and go around asking people.
If I were Christopher’s dad I wouldn’t let him go around asking.
Most of the houses he went to the people were rude. At least tell be nice about something a person asks you.
He doesn’t’ seem to have a very difficult time with his mom being gone maybe because he doesn’t understand it as well as others.
It's weird how a kid knows to much about everything but he can't express how he is feeling.
He has to really love criminal movies because when he is trying to find out who killed the dog he is good at linking things together.

Quote Collector:
“In the bus on the way to school next morning we passed 4 red cars in a row, which meant that it was a Good Day, so I decided not to be sad about Wellington.”
“For example, people often say, “Be quiet,” but they don’t tell you how long to be quiet for. Or you see a sign which says KEEP OFF THE GRASS but is should say KEEP OFF THE GRASS AROUND THIS SIGN or KEEP OFF ALL THE GRASS IN THIS PARK because there is lots of grass you are allowed to walk on.”
“I thought that Mrs. Shears probably didn’t kill Wellington. But whoever had killed him had probably killed him with Mrs. Shears’s fork. And the shed was locked. This meant that it was someone who had the key to Mrs. Shears’s shed, or that she had left it unlocked, or that she had left her fork lying around in the garden.”
“I think people believe in heaven because they don’t like the idea of dying, because they want to carry on living and they don’t like the idea that other people will move into their house and put their things into the rubbish.”
“Most people don’t like rats because they think they carry diseases like bubonic plague.”

Discussion Question Share:
Why did Christopher go around to people’s houses?
Who did the pitchfork belong to?
What happened to his mom?
What animal of Christopher’s rotted in his back yard?
Who answered the door at Mr. Thompson’s house?
What does he carry with him in his pocket?
What type of dog does Mrs. Alexander have?

Summary Share- Before/After:
He is going around his neighborhood looking for clues to who killed her dog. While snooping around Mrs. Shears house, he found the pitchfork that had been used to kill the dog in her back shed, so he made the conclusion that she could be one of the suspects. HIs dad has always told him to stay out of other peoples business but obviously the boy doesn't listen. The people are really mean to him when the boy goes from door to door asking if they knew anything about the dog.

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- He went to Mrs. Shears house looking for who killed the dog. He also found the pitch fork that had been used to kill it.
Middle- He went around to peoples houses asking about the dog.
End- He talked about his mom and how he didn't go to the funeral.

January 20th

Pages: 41-60

When someone has autism you usually, if you are upset, have to talk calmly to them otherwise they seem to not like it.
But, here with Christopher that doesn’t seem quite as bad. He says his parents will yell at him.
We (my group) think that Mrs. Alexander should have kept her mouth shut, a kid doesn’t need to know such things about his mother, especially from a stranger!
Also, it’s good of Christopher to be like I can’t come in or I can’t talk to you because you’re a stranger, there are some crazy people out in the world.

Summary Share- Before/After:
I don’t normally like books, but this book is very catchy. I think if you know someone who has autism then you can put him or her as the person in the book to have a better understanding. It’s weird how Christopher will go from having two “Black Days” in a row to having a “Super Good Day.” Also, in this part Christopher finds out something interesting about his mother but has promised not to tell anyone, especially his dad, about it.

Quote Collector:
“I think I’d like pink squares but not the yellow squares because I don’t like yellow.”
“Father banged the table with his fist really hard so that the plates and his knife and fork jumped around and my ham pumped sideways so that it touched the broccoli, so I couldn’t eat the ham or the broccoli anymore.”
“Sometimes Father would say, “Christopher, if you do not behave I swear I shall knock the living daylights out of you.”
“Then I thought that this was a super good day and something special hadn’t happened yet, so it was possible that talkting to Mrs. Alexander was the special thing that was going to happen.”
“No, Christopher. I’m not sure that you do. I mean that they were very good friends. Very, Very good friends.”

Discussion Questions Share:
What did Mrs. Alexander tell him about his mother?
What did he think his parents would do?
Who’s not a friend of theirs anymore?
Why was his dad mad at him?
What’s the name of Mrs. Alexander’s dog?
What are his favorite colors?
What did Mrs. Alexander make him about?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- Mrs. Alexander invited him to stay for biscuits and gravey and orange squash.
Middle-His father got mad at him for snooping around Mrs. Shears garden.
End-Mrs. Alexander told him something about his mom.

January 21st

Pages: 61-80

We don’t like how he always skips around when he talks.
His dad shouldn’t have gotten so mad about his book.
Siobhan is really understanding about his problems.
The book is getting more interesting.

Summary Share- Before/After:
We’ve came to the conclusion that Christopher is much smarter than normal kids. He has a photographic memory which helps write his book. His dad started off sweet and loving then as the book goes on his dad starts to show his true colors and he starts treating Christopher worse and worse till it got to the point of physically abusing him.

Quote Collector:
“And I thought about this and I said, 216,864. Because it was a really easy sum because you just simply multiply 864 X 1000, which is 864,000. Then you divide it by 4, which is 216,000 and that’s 250 X 864. Then you just add another 864 onto it to get 251 X 864 and that’s 216,864.”
“Siobhan said that when you are writing a book you have to include some descriptions of things.”
“But sometimes it is fun not knowing what the words mean because you can look them up in a dictionary, like goyal (which is a deep dip) or tors (which are hills or rocky heights).”
“My memory is like a film.”
“I made myself a raspberry milk shake and heated it up in the microwave and then went through to the living room to watch one of my Blue Planet videos about life in the deepest parts of the ocean.”

Discussion Question Share:
Who is Toby?
What did Christopher’s dad do when he found his book?
Who is Siobhan?
What kind of milk shake did he heat up?
What does Rhodri help Christopher’s father do?
What is the answer of 251 times 864 without using a calculator?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- Christopher talks about Marilyn vos Savant and how mathematicians and scientists don’t agree with her.
Middle- Christopher comes home to find Rhodri.
End- Christopher’s dad finds his book and blows up about it.

January 24th

Pages: 81- 100

We find it weird how he doesn't like things that are yellow and brown no matter if they taste good or not.
What if Siobhan turns his dad in for abuse for hitting him?
We are finding out that his mother isn't dead. Or at least we don't think so.
We don't understand why a father would hide his own mother's death.

Discussion Question Share:
What yellow and brown things does Christopher not like?
Was he scared to go home after his father hit him?
Where did his father hide his book?
What did he find other than his book?
What did his father have to do in the living room?
What are Red Herrings?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- Christopher names off a few things that a yellow and brown and explains why he doesn’t like them.
Middle- He talks to Siobhan about his father hitting him, but says he is okay.
End- Christopher finds letters that are written by his mother after she was supposed to be dead.

Quote Collector:
(Page 83) “I had no memories for a while.”
(Page 85) “Mrs. Forbes said that hating yellow and brown is just being silly.”
(Page 87) “Then I got out a piece of paper from my bag and I did a map of the zoo from memory as a test.”
(Page 91) “I wanted to get my book back because I liked writing it. I liked having a project to do and I liked it especially if it was a difficult project like a book.”
(Page 92) “I detected in the bathroom, but the only place to look was in the airing cupboard and there was nothing in there.”

Summary Share- Before/After:
His father said he would never lie to Christopher.
Right when the book first started his father said that Christophers mom had died of a heart attack. Now as the book goes on Christopher was looking for his book that his dad hid.
As he was looking for his book he found out that his mom didn’t actually die but she ran off to London with Mr. Shears.

January 25th

Pages: 101-120

His mom seems like she misses him.
Mariah thinks that his dad is kind of lying to him about things because he wants him to stay living with him.
I think that it was not smart of Christopher to keep searching through is dads things.
Its crazy how his mother was able to just walk away from everything she had.
Mariah thinks that his dad shouldn't be so hard on him because it doesn't help the situation.

Discussion Share:
What did Christopher find out about his mother?
Where did his mother go?
Why did his father lie?
Why is Christopher so afraid of his father?
What did his father do?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning-Christopher read more of the letters.
Middle-He found out what really happened to his mother.
End-He tried to run away.

Summary Share- Before/After:
Christopher has found out the letters that his mom has been writing him and has started to read them. He is really upset about it and wants to go see her, but while he was in his dad's room his dad walked in. If you have every read this book you can probably remember the language so his dad was upset. His dad kept saying that he was sorry and won't lie to him anymore, but I don't think Christopher believes him. Finally, his dad told him that he was the one who killed Wellington.

Quote Collector:
(Page 103) "So I said I wasn't going to go into the toilets because there was poo on the floor and it made me feel uncomfortable to think about it, even though Mr. Ennison had some in and cleaned it up."
(Page 106) "Dear Christopher, I said that I wanted to explain to you why I went away when I had the time to do it properly."
(Page 116) "People think computers are different from people because they don't have minds, even though, in the Turing test, computer can have conversations with people about the weather and wine and what Italy is like, and they can even tell jokes."
(Page 117) "And people are different from animals because they can have pictures on the screens in their heads of things which they are not looking at."
(Page 120) "I killed Wellington, Christopher."

January 26th

Pages: 121-140

Christopher hates his dad now because he kept the secret about his mother.
We dont think he will make it to London.
Mariah thinks that Christopher needs to stay at home.
He cares a lot about toby.
We wonder how Mrs. Shears will take the news about who killed her dog.

Quote Collector:
(Page 122) "But I screamed and pushed him backward so that he fell off the bed and onto the floor."
(Page 124) "I decided to leave my other coat over Toby's cage because I didn't want him to get cold and die."
(Page 127) "So I turned round and I found an old plastic sack covered in mud that used to have fertilizer in it and I squeezed myself and Toby's cage and my special food box into the corner between the wall of the shed and the fence and the rainwater tub and I covered myself with the fertilizer sack."
(Page 132) "And then I thought that I had to be like Sherlock Holmes and I had to detach my mind at will to a remarkable degree so that I did not notice how much it was hurting inside my head."
(Page 137) "So I got out my Swiss Army knife and I flicked out the saw blade and I held it tightly in the pocket that Toby wasn't in so that I could stab someone if they grabbed hold of me, and then I saw a lady on the other side of the street with a baby in a pushchair and a little boy with a toy elephant, so I decided to ask her."

Discussion Question Share:
What was the one thing Christopher didn't want to leave behind?
Who's house did he go to first?
Who did he ask to take care of Toby?
Why did he want the map?
What did he hide under in the shed?
Did he take Toby with him? If so how?

Summary Share- Before/After:
Christopher has decided to leave. So he waits for his did to fall asleep, gets Toby and his lunch box and heads out. At first he is not sure where he will stay but decides to go to the shed, but since this is the first place his dad will look he must hide. With Toby's cage and himself the next morning he hides under a trash sack. When his dad comes in to look for him Christopher does a really good job. But, once he hears the van pull away he tries to find someone he can stay with but no luck. Finally he asks Mrs. Alexander if she can take care of Toby but when she says no. He leaves. He starts out on his adventure and tries to find a map but he doesn't have any luck with it. Who knows what he will do!

Gate Keeper:
Beginning-HIs father tells Christopher the truth about his mother.
Middle-Christopher decides that he would run away from home.
End-Christopher tries to find the train that takes him to London.

January 27th

Pages: 141-160

Quote Collector:
(Page 142) "And I realize that i told a lie in chapter 13 because i said i cannot tell jokes, because i do know 3 jokes that i can tell and understand and one of them is about a cow, and Siobhan said i didn't have to go back and change what i wrote in chapter 13 because it doesn't matter becuase it is not a lie, just a clarification.
(Page 146) "And then i tried to think about what i hat to do, but i couldn't think because there were too many other things in my head, so i did a maths problem to make my head clearer."
(Page 149) "Yes, a pet rat. He's very clean and he hasn't got a bubonic plague."
(Page 150) "Because I got a caution for hitting a policeman, but I didn't mean to hurt him and if I do it again I'll get into even bigger trouble."
(Page 153) "I to stay there until i go to a university."

Discussion Question Share:
Did Christopher like the police officer?
How long does Christopher want to stay in London?
How many pounds did it take to go to London?
What is a quid?
What is his father card number?

Summary Share:
Since Christophers father lied and killed the dog Christopher can't trust him anymore so he ran away. He had to think of who he wanted to stay with. He went through all the possibilities in his head and found out that he would stay with his mother. Once the police officer came Christopher felt a lot safer. The policeman helped him get his ticket, and also get the money. Then Christopher finally figured how to get to London now he is on his way.

He is smarter than the average person obviously, but he can do things really well in his head.
We think that his dad must be really worried about him since he has no clue where he is.
What if something bad happens to him?
It would be really scary if your a young boy and your around hundreds of different people that you don't know and who are different.

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- He talks about when he went to Dover and had to pee in a field full of cows.
Middle- He has a police officer help him get money for a train ticket so he can be on his way to London.
End- He is finally on the train to London until the police officer caught him and said his dad was waiting for him.

January 28th

Pages: 161-180

Discussion Question Share:
Why did Christopher close his eyes while he went to the bathroom on the train?
What are the 3 conditions for the "accident?"
Where was the map at that Christopher had remember?
What was the name giving to Christopher by the drunk men?
What did Christopher try to do to the man who talked to him?

Summary Share:
Christopher is now on the train with the police officer, but he doesn't want to be. He tells the police officer that he needs to go to the bathroom, but when he gets in there he had to close his eyes to go pee. Once he was finished he washed his hands with spit and crawled onto a shelf. This was a good hiding spot for him because when the train stopped the police man couldn't find him and had to get off. But, then once he got off the shelf another police man said that someone was looking for him but thankfully Christopher was already in London and nervous. So he got off and tried to find his way to his mother, but will he get there?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- Christopher goes to the bathroom on the train only to find a surprise :/
Middle- He hides on a shelf for as long as he can until he is pretty sure the police man had gotten off.
End- He has finally reached London and is trying to find where is mother is, but he isn't having much luck. He won't trust anyone.

We dont think that we are smart, or brave enough to find our own mother in London.
The boy must be really afraid of his father since he is going through all of that trouble just to stay away from him.
It was wrong of his dad to lie to him this whole time just because he was mad at his mom.
We think this is a very good book, possibly the best book we have read.

Quote Collector:
(Page 171) "Is this London?"
(Page 171) "It's 451c Chapter Road, London NW2 5NG. And sometimes you can write it 451c Chapter Road, Willesden, London NW2 5NG."
Page 172) "These people are like cows in a field."
(Page 173) "And i did detecting by watching and i saw that people were putting tickets into gray gates and walking through. And some of them were buying tickets at big black machines on the wall. And i watched 47 people do this and i memorized what to do. Then I imageined a red line on the floor and i walked over to the wall where there was a poster which was a list of places to go and it was alphabetical and i saw Willesden Green and it said 2:20 and then i went to one of the machines."
(Page 179) "And there were three other pictures, and they were very small, and they were a palace and a beach and a palace."

January 31st

Pages: 181-200

Discussion Question Share:
How did Christopher find his way to his mother's house?
What did Mr. Shears keep say to his wife?
What did Christopher ask his mother to buy for Toby?
What happened when Christopher's mother hugged him?
What did Christopher's mother say when he told her what his dad had said?

Summary Share:
Christopher is in London!! :) He is forced to ask strangers though which is a "pet peeve" of his. He is frightened by the thought of asking them because he is afraid they are going to hurt him. He does it anyways and gets a map of where he is going. He think he has found it and he hears voices. Come to find out the voice was his mother. Mr. Shears isn't happy about the whole thing though. He keeps saying how now her ex- husband is going to show up and her son can't stay with them which is really rude. He is blowing this all out of proportion. Later that night/morning Christopher's father shows up and is very upset. Mr. Shears keeps saying that he's going to call the cops, but I wonder if he really will.

Gate Keeper:
Beginning- Christopher had to get Toby out of the train tracks.
Middle- Christopher finally got to London and has found his mother.
End- His mother took him back to Swindon and Mr. Shears is done with her.

we think that christophers dad has taken the situation kind of out of control.
Mr. Shears seems like an angry man. He just cant be happy that his wife or girlfriend is with her son.
He is so worried about himself and not about how Christopher was lied to.
As it is getting near the end of the book we think he will want to go back, but we arent for sure yet.

Quote Collector:
(Page 182) I bent down to catch Toby but he ran off. And i walked after him and i bent down again and i said, "Toby...Toby...Toby," And i held out my hand so that he could smell my hand and smell that it was me.
(Page 184) "I've got a Swiss army Knife and it has a saw blade and it could cut someone's fingers off.
(Page 187) "Two pounds ninety-five, but you're giving me the money first. I'm not having you scarpering."
(Page 192) "Go on or you'll catch your death, but i didnt know what you'll catch your death meant, and i went inside."

Febuary 1st

Pages: 201-221

We dont see how Christophers mom can put up with Mr. Shears.
I think it is the right choice for Christopher to go back to Swindon, but his dad will be really upset.
Once they are back his dad wont even let his mom stay and she doesnt even have any money.
its good that Christopher is a really smart kid and wants to take his maths A Level.

Discussion Question Share:
Why did Christopher want to go back to swindon?
What did mr shears say to Christophers mom?
what did his dad tell his mom she had to do?
How did he do on the math test?
What did his dad get him?

Gate Keeper:
Beginning-Christopher went back to Swindon.
Middle-Mr. Shears brought Christophers moms things back.
End-His dad got him a puppy.

Quote Collector:
(Page 207) “And it was very late at night and Mr. Shears came into my room and woke me up and he had been drinking beer because he smelled like Father did when he had been drinking beer with Rhodri.”
(Page 210) “Then she asked if I wanted to watch one of my Blue Planet videos, about life under the Arctic ice or the migration of humpback whales, but I didn’t say anything because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do my maths A level and it was like pressing your thumbnail against a radiator when it’s really hot and the pain starts and it makes you want to cry and the pain keeps hurting even when you take your thumb away from the radiator.
(Page 214) “And then my chest didn’t hurt so much and it was easier to breathe.”
(Page 217) “And another bad thing was that Toby died because he was 2 years and 7 months old, which is very old for a rat, and I said I wanted to bury him, but Mother didn’t have a garden, so I buried him in a big plastic pot of earth like a pot you put a plant in.”
(Page 221) “And I know I can do this because I went to London on my own, and because I solved the mystery of Who Killed Wellington?”

Summary Share:

Christopher got an amazing grade on this A level math test which made him really happy. But, for all the other people it’s kind of like trouble in paradise. His dad told his mom that she couldn’t stay at their house and she needed to find somewhere else to stay. Mr. Shears doesn’t want anything to do with her so she is pretty much on her own for a while. Christopher has been staying with his mom but his dad decided to get him a present, which was a puppy! Which of course mad him really happy.