When you are writing a story, there are many things to consider. Here is a checklist. These are not steps, so they don't have to be done in any particular order...
  • How do you get your ideas?
  • How do you plan out your story?
  • Point of View -
    • First person
    • Second Person
    • Third Person
    • Third Omniscient
  • Plan out which point of view you'd like to use.
  • Do some Character sketches to explore their personalities

When Creating a story, Shandell always thinks about these things:
  • story line
  • setting
  • length
  • characters
  • number of characters
  • characteristics of characters
  • age
  • appearance of characters
  • dialogue
  • minor character details
When Christa starts to write a story she goes a little something like this.
  • Plans a small plot in her head
  • works out the characters and gives each of them their own pesonalities
  • gets a setting all planed out. City, state, neighborhoods, and time
  • Elaborate the plot
  • Make a very rough outline of how the whole story shall go
  • Start the story for the real deal
  • beef up everything and get intense dialog

When Sarah begins to write a story, it usually goes along this route:
  • To begin writing, I usually have to be inspired by something. Most often, my inspiration comes from words. I like quotes from people around me, quotes from lyrics, quotes from movies, novels, poetry, etc.
  • If I’m inspired by something, I then create the plot line. The twists.
  • Then I create the characters and think about what kind of point of view would make the story the most relatable.
  • After that I try to word vomit, but (99% of the time) I stop and restart.
  • I go to the smaller details after that, for example, location.
  • Number of characters.
  • Minor characters.
  • The ending.
  • Time period.
  • Then I start to write again.