1. Title - Breaking Point
2. Author-Alex Flinn
3. Book cover-
4. reading level-
5. number of pages- 240
6. Genre
7. People in your book club. Brady, Taylor Rimply, Clint, Sierra

Questions Brady

1. Why does he say that he is misfit?

2. Why didn't he think he would fit in at his new school?

3. What were the rules about piercings in his new school?

4. How tall is he?

5. What did he like best about the girl he met?

6. What is the boy's name?

7. What two classes was he trying to choose from?

8. When did Paul think it was when his dad stopped loving him and his mom?

9. Between kindergarten and second grade, how many school has he attended?

Quotes: "Her hair was the best thing about her. From the rear, she could have been beautiful. "

"Are you college bound or running out the clock until some big trust fund kicks in?"

1-19-11: pages 15-30

Summery by brady:

Paul got his schedule figured out. He meets some friends but also meets some kids that are rude. People find out he's not athletic. He gets picked on a lot like getting tripped and putting things in his locker. Kids sprayed coke is his locker and it was all sticky and ants were storming his locker. There was also a kid in his math class that made fun of him every chance he got and stuck sticky notes on his back when he would volunteer to go up to the board.

I (sierra) had time manager! =] We talked about how Paul is getting treated by other kids and how it's weird his only friend is a girl.

1-20-11 pages 30-45

Sierra Questions- When they were at Binky's house where did she take him and what did they do?
Went to the church to swing

What was Binky singing as she swung?
One of her grandmas favorite swinging songs

What did Binky say she would rather have than the most beautiful candy in the world?
a plain old Hersheys bar

Why was the church unlocked?
in case someone has spiritual needs

What was in the glass case of the church and were did it come from?
a stature of Virgin Mary brought back from spain

What was the statue supposed to do but never did and what did Binky say it actually did for six day?
It was supposed to sing but didn't but when they brought it back it wept for six days

Clint- He stays with his friend Binky and they start hanging out a lot more. Binky takes him to the swings to swing and talk then they go into the church that is unlocked and Binky tells Paul about the statue Virgin Mary and how it wept for six days when they brought it back from Spain. Then he goes how and his mom is taking his computer apart and taking it out of his room and putting it in the living room where they both can use it. Paul is really upset and thinks he is starting to hate his mom and his dad still hasn't called him.

1-21-11 Page 45-60

Quotes Sierra

"I don't get it . Some psycho decapitated a dog here. Why are they acting like nothing happened?"

"And that would b e a bad thing?Do you know most serial killers get started killing animals?" "Do you know that?"

"Right or Wrong the Blancos feel blessed that the schools educating their son. So they don't mind that the administrations also letting it get spread around that David killed the bog himself.:

" You know theres' a kid here who, every afternoon at three, pisses on the tile of the second floor boys bathroom so my dad has to mop it before he can go home?"

"I hear you're something of a computer aficionado."

Brady Questions

What was his mom doing in his room?

why did he say he was going to bed when they took the computer to the living room?

What color was the dog?

Who is old Carlos?

Where did he meet Binky for lunch?

Who is Mrs. Booth?

1/24/11 pg 60-75

Sierra Summery

He is having nightmares. He has a dream about his dad standing outside his room and half of his head is gone it is very gory and he looks over and his mom is holding a gun. They are fighting over him and his dad is saying that Paul is his kid too then his mom says they just got finally settled in and to leave them alone. Paul wakes up and someone is knocking on his window it's charlie and he says to come with them it will be fun. he gets in with them and he says to drink what was in the bottle and he gets drunk and they start going around and hitting peoples mailboxes they call them the mailbox club and you have to hit mailboxes if you wanna be part of the club.

1/25/11 pg. 75-90

Brady summery

From the past couple chapters he has had dreams. Then when he wakes up someone is outside his house telling him to get some cloths on to go smash mailboxes. So the next night he is sleeping and hears knocking at 4 in the morning. It's Charlie again. They get in the car and drive off. Charlie brought his friend. They call him St. John. Charlie says "hey lets stop here and eat." Paul says "we can't eat here, it's not open" Charlie says, "it doesn't have to be open for us to eat there." They were drinking again. They looked in the store and saw hundreds of bagels and took them and drove to the park and they ate them.

Sierra Questions

What was the stuff they put in Blancos book bag? Smooshed potatoes

What was Pauls mom upset about when he got home from school? The phone bill from trying to call his father

What did they get in the bags to eat? Bagels

Where did they stop and get out at? The park

What kind of Bagel did Paul say he didn’t like? Salty ones

What did Charlie said made him made? The if people teachers our parents saw them that night they would just say they were a bunch of kids

Did the cop check Charlie vehicle? No
How did Charlie get the cop not to search his vehicle? He used his mother as a excuse because she investigates bad cop searches.

Rimpley Quotes

"Dad shoved her aside." He's my son too, Laura." "I need him more. He's mine." I heard the click of the trigger. (pg 60)

"Raise a little ." St. John laughed. pg 61

"I stared at the object in my hands. A baseball bat. "Go for it," Meat said. In front the others watched me. "what do I do?" I looked at Charlie. "Smash it," St. John said. Pg 63

"What do you have a cruch on him?" My head snapped back toward her. "What a stupid thing to say." "You do." She laughed backing away." God, you're blushing." pg 68

"I opened the door. Mom stood, holding a piece of paper. "we need to talk." pg. 72

1/26/11 Pages 90-105

Sierra Questions

Where was Paul that he was surprised to be there? Charlies house

What prank had they not done but they thought it would be funny?
to put bird seed on a car and have birds poop all over it.

What did charlie forget about that he was supposed to do with his dad? tennis

Who did Charlies dad say would take Paul home? Rosata

What about Charlie was starting to make Paul really mad? That he would ignore him at school

Who did Binky say Charlie used to hang with ? David Blanco

Brady Quotes

pg.90 "The man himself" "where is the disc for that?"
pg 91 " He is against it. Misses the old days when they communicated by Morse code."
pg 91 " One funny one was putting birdseed on someone's car. Makes the birds come and crap all over it."
pg 93 "I don't need his life story." "he's two years older, Dad. He's in college."
pg 95 "Takes practice, though, perseverance, Dad says. Live to win. Win! Win!"
pg 96 "You don't really want to be friends with him, you know."
pg 96 "He hung with David Blanco last year, and you can see where that's gotten him."
pg 100 "Log on to the school computer and change it"

Clint Summerize

Chapter 12
He thanks about his child hood memory.
He talks about visiting different schools.
He is getting feelings for St johns ex-girlfriend.
He skips out on hanging out with Binki and decided to hang out with Charley.
Chapter 13
Paul takes his first ride in charleys Mercedes.
Paul met Charlies dad.
Charlei talkes about going on the pro tour.
He thinks about wanting to be Charlie when he sees him and his dad play tinnis while waiting for his ride home.
Chapter 14
Paul is getting mad that charlie ignores him at school.
Charlie gets paul to go to the computer lab to show him something on the computer.
Charlie asks paul to change a grade for him.
Paul tells him no.
and Charlie is mad at him for it.
Paul hadnt seen Charlie that weekend
Charlie bird-seeded Pauls moms car as a prank.

Taylor Rimpley - Recorder
We talk about the cop and the bagle.
Talk about who the shooter will be.
I through in my idea of split personality.

1/27/11 Pages 105-120

Sierra Questions

What did Pauls dad say about moving in with him? he said it wouldn't be a good idea

what did paul say he would do for Charlie? get into the school computer and change his D grade.

What was Binky's thoughts about Paul and Charlie now? she didn't liek it at all and you thought of Paul as one of them now

When Pauls mom asked him what he was getting out of the fridge what did he lie and say? Grapes

What did Paul say about god? That he really didn't believe him him

What reason did Charlie say he couldn't squeeze through the gate? He might break his arm and then his dad you kill him.

What was his moms password to get into the computer? moccao a cat they used to have

Brady Quotes

pg 104 "Have you gotten my calls, my letters?"
pg 105 "Just what I said. It's a bad idea."
pg 105 "Look, can't you take a hint?"
pg 106 "Charlie was strong and would make me strong by association."
pg 106 "I took a pebble from the roadside, threw it across the lane. It hit an eastbound car. The driver honked. I didn't care"
pg 107 "it felt great to be back on Charlie's good side"
pg 108 "Get it Friday, when she won't need it all weekend. Then, copy it before she notices it's gone."
pg 110 " Friday, after school, i waited until mom was half hypnotized by Roise O'Donnell, so she wasn't watching her purse.
pg 111 "I had no choice, so I sat. I held the bowl in my lap, and we ate grapes for ten mind-numbing minutes."

Clint summery-

Chapter 15
Paul calls his dad and his dad tries to get off of the phone but Paul tells him his problems and his dad says that he can’t live with him and him and his new wife and child.
He is thinking about his dilemma and about his problems.
He tells Charlie that he will do it and he was back on charlies good side

Chapter 16
Paul got his moms keys
Binki is mad at him now
Paul starts hanging out with the popular kids
He calls Charlie to tell him he got the key.

Chapter 17
Paul snuck in the school.
Paul changed Charlies D to a B.
Paul made it to the Civic That Charlie borrowed from his house keeper without being seen and Paul had a different out look on life.

Taylor Rimpley - recorder
Talked about changing the grades.
About the birdseed prank.
He went and changed the grade.
His mom found his hoodie.

1/28/11 Pages 120-135

Sierra Quotes

121"The rest will have to sit on the ground."

122"Hadn't realized you were still with us buddy."

122 You never eat, Amanda. Or you puke it out when you do."

124 "Are you on drugs or something? I don't like how these friends have influenced you."

126 "Why do you hate your dad so much?"

127 " We were always like this perfect family!"

Brady Questions

What was Paul waiting for at school monday? he didn't know.
Why was he nervous during school the whole day? because he screwed up the computer system.
Where did kirby want paul to go with them next time? concert
What did he he start calling Mcdonalds? mikiD's
What did he order at Mcdonalds? bigmac
What did his sweatshirt say that his mom got him? carolina panthers
Who was skinner? scientist
What did skinner do that was cruel? keep his daughter in a box for a long period of time.


Sierra Quotes

"I saw your friends over there Amanda." "Why don't you leave" 135

"She doesn't really like you, you know." 136

"I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear you. You're going to find someone else to do your crap work from now on." 137

"Don't you know when I'm screwing with you, Einstein?" 138

"It means, sometimes something's really obvious, Richmond if you think about it." 139

Brady Summery

Charlie took Paul to a party.
He was shy at first, then some girls started talking to him. this girl came up to him with a smirk on her face. he knew something was up. she asked him if he wanted to dance. he said "but no one is dancing" and then she walked off. it was a bet. her friends gave her money to ask him to dance. so it didn't mean much. but then paul was looking around and saw Amanda. He likes amanda. Amanda like him too.
The next day he went to Davids house.
Paul noticed he lost weight since the last time he looked at him. But gained acne. He saw him sitting on a tree stump reading poems. He read a couple out loud to paul. at the end charlie said "we may need to plant a bomb in old lady zaller's classroom.


Sierra Time- Talked about what we think is going to happen and the choices that Paul is making and how this it is going to change towards the end of the book.


Sierra Questions-

What was Charlies plan? to bomb the school

What did Paul think about Charlies big plan? That he was crazy and that is was ridculous

What was the sermon this week? "The Terror of Temptation"

What did mom say when he got home? That she wanted him to stop seeing that boy (Charlie)

Instead of crying or screaming what did she do when she got mad? pulled her hair

What did his mom say she gave up for him? Everything because she told his father he could have everything as long as she got custody of Paul

Brady Quotes-
"I'm completely serious."
"The file opened, screaming purple and orange letters."
"But he was scrolling, face still frozen in a half-smile."
"My eyes shifted back to the screen."
"We could rig it to go off while everyone is at chapel."
"My loyalty was to Charlie" How could i let him down?"
"Charlie took the disc from the hard drive, flipping it into his hand."
"That week in chapel, the sermon was "The terror of Temptations."


Sierra quotes
180 "Come back over, They want you to jump, bu i don't. Your mother doesn't. Don't do what they want"

182 "I'm getting back together with Gray."

183 "Hey Richmond. "What's red and green and can't fly?"

185 "He must have been in so much pain."

187 " I wish something would happend to them. You know, not really hurt them, but just something to make their lives a little less... perfect.


Sierra Quotes

196 "Your wimping out?:

198 "It's no big deal. There's a million fingerprints on that knob."

201 "About caretaking duties?"

202 "No one's getting hurt, Paul. We were just screwing around. It'll set off the sprinkler system."

203 "Thin the'll pin some medal on you when you tell? Good old Paul, plants bomb, then saves us from it. Think they'll be grateful.No way. You'll be expelled. We'll both be expelled. And your mother will be fired from the pathetic job."