Each month, following the story meeting brainstorming, you will be asked to submit article proposals.

  • you will be asked to submit a proposal for 4 articles each month.
  • one proposal is for a full article with interviews, research and writing (hard news)
  • a second proposal for another full article just in case you don't get your first choice (someone else might submit a better proposal)
  • one proposal is for a short article
  • one proposal is for an ad for an upcoming activity

Items to include in your proposal:
  1. Article Topic
  2. Proposed idea
  3. Angle or perspective - you may use the story meeting angles that the class has brainstormed, or you might have a new idea
  4. Who will you interview for your article? Be sure to list students, adults, sponsors, community members, and parents.
  5. Layout ideas
  6. Side bar articles for each article IF they have any...

  • I grade the proposed idea and the Layout ideas the heaviest in my decision of who will write the articles.
  • The tie breaker will be the sidebar ideas