Personal Philosophy Statements

Due Date: Friday, September 3, 2010 in your wikispace (write in a word document first then copy and paste)

· Create your own free wikispace site at Be sure as you create this page that you name it something that hides your identity but is not silly – just in case you want to use it after high school. You will want it to be similar or exactly the same as the blog site you made if it is available. (We will talk about this in class…)
o You will create an account first
o Then you will need to create the wikispace itself as a second step (the type is personal – for now)
· Email a link to your newly created wiki site to Mrs. Badgley at I will “join” your wikispace (as will other students later for different assignments) so w can read, help you edit, and make suggestions your entries.
· My philosophy example: If every student put as much effort into academics as they do sports practice, they would truly be superstars in college and the world of work.” (
· Later you will be asked to reflect on how your reading connects to your personal philosophy statement.
· overview of where you came from to new ideas and how long to get to change

A Possible Organizational Format:
1. title of your philosophy (might be a quote or single sentence)
a. story of where you get your philosophy statement
b. where you heard it the first time
c. song, book, quote, saying, family member, etc.
2. in the first paragraph, define what the quote means to you.
3. in the second paragraph how does this philosophy apply to your school life?
4. in the third paragraph how does this philosophy apply to your sports/clubs/activities life?
5. in the fourth paragraph how does this philosophy apply to your family life (either your current family or your own children and spouse of the future)?
6. in the fifth paragraph how does this philosopy apply to your other passions in your life (hobbies, church, volunteering, etc.)