Compliments to the Class: Learning About Yourself

  1. Write one hand-written compliment for each person in this room.
    • the power of a compliment comes from saying something you wouldn't say to just anyone
    • write a genuine compliment for each person in the room
    • try to be specific about something they can do, how they treat people, or how they act
    • take your time to write a compliment that means something to them and to you
    • don't write the same compliment for everyone in the room, it will lose its meaning
    • don't talk about things they own (like cars and other material items)
    • awesome and funny don't really say anything... what did they do that made them awesome or funny?
  2. Discuss the types of compliments that came in:
    • left-handed - they are both a compliment and an insult
    • non-specific - you didn't take enough time to think of a compliment for someone that is specific and meaningful
    • stereotype - your compliment could be said by anyone without any knowledge of the person they are complimenting.
    • hidden - if you are trying to hide a story or hidden meaning in the sentence you are more likely to insult
  3. Now try again. The compliments should not be same for any two people in the room.
  4. Read the compliments you wrote for the class.
    • Take notes over what might have been improved.
    • What is the same about your compliments
    • How could you improve your compliment writing process.
  5. Read the compliments that you received. As you read, write down reactions to those compliments. Write down any instant reactions or thoughts you had as your read. You should not read the entire list without writing as you read (otherwise you have not reflected as you read).
  6. Now write a reflection essay. A reflection essay centers entirely around WHAT YOU THINK. This is an opinion piece.
  7. Answer one or more of the following questions in your essay.
    • What did you learn about yourself?
    • What did you learn about the other people in the class?
    • What did you learn about giving compliments?
    • What did you learn about the quality of compliments?
    • What did you learn about receiving compliments?
    • Possible Organizational format:
      • use quotes from your compliments list
      • 3-5 paragraphs for the entire essay
      • you can write 3-5 paragraphs about ONE of the above questions.
      • OR you can write 3-5 paragraphs about a couple of the above questions.
      • OR you can write 3-4 paragraphs (one paragraph for each of the above questions).
  8. Edit each other's essays.
  9. Now rewrite and revise your paper for your final draft and for the final grade.

My reactions to your compliments assignment (for an example)

Other things noticed that are suggestions for improvement:
your - you're
than - then
effect is a noun - affect is a verb
cloths - clothes