Things I do very well in this trait area
Things I don't so well yet
  • Quality of Thinking
  • Clear, easy to understand.
  • Does it make sense.
  • Purpose.
  • Interesting details
  • The reader won't want to stop.

Word Choice
  • Vocabulary
  • Picture
  • Finding a new way to say an everyday thing.
  • Powerful verb.
  • Concrete noun.
  • What you say is what you mean.

  • a real person wrote this
  • care about the topic
  • what you really think/honesty
  • make the reader feel something
  • thinking about the audience/reader
  • phrases/sentences/--word choice

Sentence Fluency
  • sentences begin in different ways (develop you own style)
  • some sentences are long and some are short (pace)
  • sentences to be powerful and have some punch (word choice)
  • flow easily from sentence to sentence
  • creates the feel/mood of the writing

  • if the writing is not organized it makes you thought seem disorganized
  • really good ideas get lost in a bad order
  • start with a bang, catchy introduction
  • tie together and make sense
  • be about the same subject
  • feel finished
  • make the reader think at the end (pose an action to do)
  • conclusion

Conventions/ Spelling and Punctuation
  • punctuation in the right places
  • words that are spelled incorrectly distract the reader
  • appear credible/believable you have spell correctly and use proper grammar
  • no texting language
  • easy to read and understand

  • how you present your ideas to the reader
  • look, the feel, the colors
  • the pictures
  • videos
  • powerpoint
  • thinking about your audience

Mrs. Badgley Checklist From Philosophy Statements:
  • paragraphs have 5-7 sentences
  • spelling/using the right word is a problem for most
  • word choice and concrete nouns are something to focus on and look for weak nouns
  • examples/stories to illustrate your ideas
  • conclusion/summary quotes
  • foucs on life/future
  • what you do now creates a future
  • transition statements between paragraphs