Accelerated Reader Blog Entry Guidelines

Since you are the owner of your blog, you can write about anything you want to. However, from time to time I will be asking you to write specific things. AR blog entries will be one of those specific "things."

At the beginning of the year we discussed how best to implement AR for this school year. I asked you how to set up the AR so it is fair to each of you, so it didn't seem like busy work and so

There are only three questions I want to ask you each week for your blog entry.
  1. What comments do you have for me from last week's entry?
  2. What did you read this week? (make a short list of anything you read)
  3. What mattered in what you read this week? What was sticky? What will stick in your mind for at least another month? What will you remember a year or more from now that you read this week?

Question number three should be at least one or two well written paragraphs.